Photo of participants at 2001 IKKF Annual Training held in Reading, Pa. on June 22-24, 2001. Instructors included Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi Nick Adler, Kyoshi Chuck Merriman, Kyoshi Jody Paul, Kyoshi Bill Hayes, Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder, Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, Kyoshi Nancy Caliguri and Kyoshi Frank Caliguri.

ANNOUNCEMENT - In the past, the IKKF has offered a total of four (4) yearly seminars at the IKKF Honbu in Reading, Pennsylvania in addition to numerous seminars conducted throughout the USA and Internationally. However, after discussion with IKKF Dojo Heads at the 2014 IKKF Annual Training, it was decided to reduce the number of IKKF HONBU SEMINARS to TWO (2) PER YEAR. Our new structure for the IKKF Honbu Seminars will include our traditional ANNUAL KARATE KOBUDO TRAINING to be held in July and a new ANNUAL WINTER KOBUDO CAMP to be held in February. The new Winter Kobudo Camp will combine the previous Fall Kobudo Camp and the Winter Camp into a single training event with the focus entirely on Okinawan Kobudo. It is hoped that this restructuring of our IKKF Honbu Seminars will fee up more time for Mr. & Mrs. Heilman to travel to IKKF Dojos and other Affiliated Groups/Organizations to conduct more localized trainings.

At the suggestion of our Dojo Heads, we are also scheduling tentative dates for all of our future IKKF Honbu Trainings for 2015-2017 in order to provide our membership with more advanced notice to make it easier for them to make their plans to attend.

For detailed information on Future IKKF Honbu Seminars for 2015 - 2017 please click on the appropriate link below.


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