4th Quarter, 1999

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


READING, PA. - On a beautiful weekend in October various members of the IKKF came together to train in Okinawan Kobudo. The Kobudo Camp was held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's in Reading, Pa. The Instructors for the Kobudo Camp included: Hanshi Heilman, Kyoshi Heilman, and Renshi's Rupert and DeGori.

The two day training covered the Bo (Shihinuke, Chounokun, Suiyoshi and Kobo), the Sai (Kyan no Sai & Odo no Sai Ichi & Ni), Nunchaku (Odo no Nunchaku), the Tekkos (Odo no Tekkos Ichi & Ni), the Eiku (Tsuken Akachono Eiku bo) and the Nunte (Tsuken Akachono Nunte Bo). Additionally, there were sessions which covered weapons basics for the bo and nunchaku. Highlights of the training included Full Gear Kobudo Kumite and some regular Karate Kumite.

Among the many participants included Chris Otwell, Dan and Kristen Gilliland who traveled all the way from Louisiana to train in the IKKF Weapons Program.

Saturday evening saw a gathering of a number of the participants at Renshi Ruperts home which left us all with a "lasting memory" of the weekend - a drunk driver in a pick up truck crashed into three of our parked cars. No one was hurt (except for the cars).


NEW ORLEANS, LA. - The 1999 UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS were again held in New Orleans, LA. The three day event (July 29th - August 1st) was well attended and smoothly run.

As in past years, IKKF Members again presented a Karate-Kobudo Demonstration at the USKA Finals. As a special treat this year, both Mr. & Mrs. Heilman entered competition and didn't do too bad for two "old folks". Mrs. Heilman competed and won Womens Senior Black Belt Kata, and Mr. Heilman placed 1st in Masters Weapons, 3rd in Masters Kata and Grand Champion Black Belt Weapons.

IKKF Kobudo Division Member and student of Hanshi Hawkes in New Mexico, CASSANDRA SHULTS, repeated as Womens Black Belt Sparring Grand Champion. Ms. Shults also placed 2nd in Black Belt Womens Kata, and 2nd Place in Black Belt Womens Kobudo.

Another IKKF Kobudo Division Member, CHRIS OTWELL, a student of Buster Cotten, Louisiana, won just about everything is sight, including the Youth Weapons Kata Grand Championship.

Two new individuals were also inducted into the ALLIANCE HALL OF FAME. These individuals included KIRK BULLOCK and SUE HAWKES. Congratulations to all.

This years World Championship was dedicated to the memory of Grand Master ROBERT TRIAS who passed away ten years ago. It was exciting that there were so many who attended the event who were close to Master Trias, and they had many memories to share.


Recently a couple of new publications have come to our attention and we wanted to share them with you.

o "Taking The Bully By The Horns", by Kathy Noll. This is an excellent book which addresses the issue of "bullying" and provides advice, information and articles for Teachers, Parents and Kids on learning the skills needed to handle Bullies and maintain a healthy Self-esteem. Check it out at "http://members.aol.com/kthynoll/bully.html".

o Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts: Koryu Uchinada - Volumes 1 & 2, by Patrick McCarthy. Kyoshi McCarthy recently had these two books released by Tuttle Publishing. Volume 1 focuses on the work and techniques of Shinken Taira, and Volume 2 features Kenwa Mabuni, Chojun Miyagi and the role of the seminal martial arts organizations in preserving and modernizing the ancient arts for posterity. The books are an excellent addition to everyone's martial arts library. You can get information on ordering at: "http://www.society.webcentral.com.au/".


READING, PA. - On September 8, 1999, a gathering was held at The Riveredge, Reading, Pa. at which Ann-Marie Heilman was honored as the recipient of the 1999 Berks Women's Network BEACON AWARD.

The Berks Women's Network has presented the Beacon Award annually since 1989. This prestigious award recognizes a woman in their organization who has become an inspiration to all - lighting the way through example, mentoring and achievement. Past recipients have included many of the leaders of the community including Judges, Doctors, College Presidents, Politicians and Business Leaders. This year, the BWN honored one of their founding members and an inspiration to many - Ann-Marie Heilman.

Most of our IKKF Members only know Mrs. H. for her martial arts accomplishments, however these are only the tip of the iceberg. Mrs. H. really has had a varied background in which she has made significant contributions to a number of areas. She has primarily been through her life a "teacher". She has also had a love for education receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology/Biology from Albright College, her Montessori Preschool Educational Certification from Fairleigh Dickenson University, her Masters in Education from Temple University, her Montessori Elementary Education Certification from Weidner University, and her second Masters in Special Education from Lehigh University. She is also conversant in Spanish, Japanese and American Sign Language.

She has been the Co-founder and Head Teacher of the Montessori Academy of Penna., and a College Professor of Psychology and Educational courses at the Reading Area Community College and Adjunct Instructor of Psychology at Alvernia College.

Her volunteerism has also been truly admirable. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Rape Victims Center, where she was President from 1981 through 1982. She served on the Board of Directors for the YWCA from 1987 through 1990, and held the offices of Vice President and Program Committee Chairperson. Ann-Marie has also been an active member of the Berks Women's Network since its founding in 1984, serving on its Board of Directors. She was also appointed to the Berks County Commission for Women in 1997, and is called upon to advise the County Commissioners of issues affecting women in our community.

The three hour banquet included recognition of past Beacon Award recipients and numerous testimonials to Mrs. H. as this years recipient. A highlight of the evening was the appearance of Pa. State Senator Michael O'pake who read a Proclamation from the State Senate recognizing Mrs. H. for her achievements. Also making a presentation was Representative Sheila Miller for the Pennsylvania House Of Representatives.


Just a quick notice that the video tape for of the "Highlights of the 1999 IKKF Annual Training" is now available for shipping.

The video is fantastic and I'm sure you will enjoy it fully. The tape was produced by SOMA Video Productions (Kurt Sieber - IKKF Kobudo member). The tape is 50 minutes long and covers all of the Guest Instructors who taught at this years IKKF Annual Training in Reading, Pa. USA. It has some excellent interviews as well as action segments.

The tape is available from the IKKF Honbu. To order your copy of the tape, please mail in $15.95 plus $3.20 for shipping = $19.15 USD total. Make check payable to "IKKF".

Upon receipt of the check, the tape will be sent out to you.


Well it has finally happened, we have started work on additional IKKF VIDEO TRAINING TAPES. Taping on 6 tapes have been completed with another 5-6 tapes to be shot in December.

The additional tapes are being produced by SOMA VIDEO PRODUCTIONS (SVP). SVP is owned and operated by IKKF Kobudo Member, Kurt Sieber, Greensburg, Pa. SVP also produced the 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING HIGHLIGHT TAPE, which has received excellent reviews for its quality and composition.

We anticipate the first group of tapes to be available in the 1st quarter with the remainder by Spring.

The additional 10-12 tapes will augment our existing 13 tape set produced by PANTHER PRODUCTIONS. Combined these tapes will completely cover the basic material found within the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Koryu Kan system.

The tapes will be available to IKKF members on a selective basis, with the majority of the tapes designed to provide material for the Renshi (Teacher Level) IKKF Members. The tapes will be marketed through the IKKF Web Page.


Thanks to the efforts of Isshin-ryu stylist and IKKF Kobudo Division Member, Kyoshi MARILYN FIERRO, both this years OKINAWAN MASTERS TOUR and the 1998 & 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAININGS were shown on Cable TV.

Kyoshi Fierro produces and directs a Cable TV Show entitled "TAKING CHARGE" which is aired on Long Island Cablevision (Channel 25 in New York). The Okinawan Masters Tour filmed in Washington, D.C. was presented in two half hour shows. The IKKF's 1998 Annual Training was presented in two half hour shows and the 1999 event presented in three half hour shows.

For information on how to view and / or purchase a copy of these shows as well as other excellent segments of Kyoshi Fierro's TAKING CHARGE cable TV show please visit:: "http://members.aol.com/mstymtn/karate/t_charge.htm", or phone (516) 265-9062. Her Web Site includes "clips" from the various Taking Charge Shows. Again, thank you Kyoshi Fierro for your efforts in bringing a new level of professionalism and exposure to the traditional martial arts.


READING, PA. - The 2000 IKKF WINTER CAMP is scheduled for January 20-21st. It will be held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's in Reading, Pa.

This years Winter Camp will offer top quality instruction in karate, kobudo, aikijujitsu and tode. The two-day training will also include a Formal Yudansha Testing on Saturday evening. Dojo Instructors who have members going up for testing should send a written request along with a copy of their martial arts resume to the IKKF Honbu ASAP.


kingsland, ga. - Kyoshi JODY PAUL, IKKF Executive Board Member, recently sponsored a visit to the States by his instructor SHIAN TOMA, Hanshi, 10th Dan, Shorin-ryu Seidokan. Hanshi Toma was accompanied on the trip by SHIGEMITSU TAMAEI, Hanshi, 9th Dan, and / TAKASHI CHINEN, 6th Dan. Also attending were BOULAHFA MIMOUN, 8th Dan from Spain, and Kurt Sieber from Pennsylvania, Juan Carbajal from California, and Ricardo Emerson from Puerto Rico. Mr. and Mrs. Heilman were also in attendance as Special Guests. Other IKKF members attending included Renshi Dan Rupert and Yudansha Jennifer Spraut.

Hanshi Shian Toma was born in 1929. He began his study of Karate at the age of sixteen and from that time he has dedicated his life to the study of Okinawan Martial Arts. He began his training with Shinato Sokishi, a student of Chojun Miyagi and Tatsuo Shimabuku. Later he had the privilege of studying under Zenryo Shimabukuro (current lineage known as Seibukan). He also was a member of the Okinawa Kenpo Renmei with Shigeru Nakamura and Zenryu Shimabukuro. Upon the death of Shimabukuro, he began his training under Seikichi Uehara in Motobu UdunDi Kobujutsu.

Out of respect for his original teachers, Shian Toma requested permission from Uehara to add the practice of prearranged kata to his martial arts. While Uehara maintains the purity of the Motobu family lineage, he does allow outlying schools to incorporate the formal kata into their individual schools, and thus gave his permission. Shian Toma now calls his system "SEIDOKAN", which includes Shorin-ryu and Shorinji-ryu kata combined with the Motobu UdunDi Kobuutsu which includes Toide, the ancient strikingskills.

The multi-day event included aworkout Friday evening, a traditional tournament on Saturday and Yudansha Testing and Seminars on Sunday. An IKKF Demonstration was doen for theTournament which showcased both open hand and kobudo kata.

As noted above, a Formal Testing was also conducted with IKKF Kobudo Member, Kurt Sieber receiving his 6th Dan in Karate & Toide. Also receiving a promotion was Shihan Mimoun from Spain who received his 8th Dan in Seidokan. Congratulations to these two individuals as well as the others who received promotions.

It is of note to recognize that there has been a long history of a close cooperative relationship between the Okinawa Kenpo and Seidokan systems. As noted by Hanshi Toma in discussions with Mr. Heilman, he (Toma) and Hanshi Odo were "old friends" from the "Okinawa Kenpo Renmei" days, and he was happy about the level of cooperation between the Seidokan and IKKF (Okinawa Kenpo) practitioners here in the States. He remembered his visit to the Heilman Dojo in the early 1980's and invited the Heilmans to visit with him on their next trip to Okinawa.


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of two noted martial arts Masters.


American Martial Arts Pioneer, Isshin-ryu Karate-do Master DON NAGLE, 10th Dan, recently passed away at the age of 61. He led the American Okinawan Karate Association. He was a former Marine who trained on Okinawa with Isshin-ryu Founder TATSUO SHIMABUKU. Mr. Nagle established one of the first karate dojos on the east coast of the States in the late 1950's and over the years taught and influenced countless numbers of martial artists both of the Isshin-ryu style and others. He was a true Pioneer of the arts and will be missed by all.


The recent earthquake in Taiwan, aside from the devastation to life and property, also dealt a blow to the martial arts by claiming two Okinawan Goju-ryu practitioners among its victims. Grandmaster EIKO MIYAZATO and his son Master EIZO MIYAZATO were inside a building that was destroyed in the devastation. Eiko Miyazato was the last student of both Miyagi and Kiyoda in the Naha-te lineage, as well as a disciple of Yabu Kentsu in Shuri-te.


Recently a couple of new publications have come to our attention and we wanted to share them with you.

o "Taking The Bully By The Horns", by Kathy Noll. This is an excellent book which addresses the issue of "bullying" and provides advice, information and articles for Teachers, Parents and Kids on learning the skills needed to handle Bullies and maintain a healthy Self-esteem. Check it out at "http://members.aol.com/kthynoll/bully.html".

o Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts: Koryu Uchinada - Volumes 1 & 2, by Patrick McCarthy. Kyoshi McCarthy recently had these two books released by Tuttle Publishing. Volume 1 focuses on the work and techniques of Shinken Taira, and Volume 2 features Kenwa Mabuni, Chojun Miyagi and the role of the seminal martial arts organizations in preserving and modernizing the ancient arts for posterity. The books are an excellent addition to everyone's martial arts library. You can get information on ordering at: "http://www.society.webcentral.com.au/".


Renshi EBERHARD WELCH, Shorin-ryu, will be sponsoring his 12th Annual All Okinawan / Japanese Traditional Tournament & Seminar in Washington D.C., November 6-7th.

The Traditional Tournament will be on Saturday with Seminars on Sunday. Special Guests for the event include: Kyoshi Doug Perry, N.C.; Kyoshi Bill Hayes, Va.; Kyoshi Chuck Chandler, N.C.; Kyoshi Jim Logue, S.C.; Hanshi Nick Adler, N.Y.; and Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman & Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, Pa.

This event is truly a "white gi" event and has proven to be an enjoyable event in the past. The Tournament has some unique events for kata and weapons. The Shorin-ryu Kata Division (for Black Belts only) requires each individual to perform NaiHanchi Shodan for the first round and then may perform any advanced form in the following two rounds. In the Okinawan Weapons Division, the competitor must bring a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of nine (9) weapons. The choice of the weapon will be made by the Head Judge. Its a great way to separate the "serious competitors" from the "players".

For more information contact Kyoshi Welch at (301) 559-3400.


A recent article appeared on the news service wires noting that the latest study by the Fitness Products Council (a group who tracks fitness trends in the States) found some "disturbing and sobering" trends. Some of the highlights include:

o There has been no real increase, overall, in fitness participation during this decade. The only age group to increase in fintess participation was the 6-10 year old group. There was however a substantial decline in the percentage of the 12-17 year olds participating in frequent fintess activities.

o The market for fitness equipment has turned "soft".

o While the number of health club members was still on the rise over the last decade, there has been a dramatic gain in weight training especially among females and adults of both sexes over 35.

o There appears to be a shift in focus to more "home training" as for a greater number of people their favorite workout venue is their own home.

These results are not "news" to most traditional dojo operators who had seen a significant decline in new students (both adults and children) over the last couple of years.


READING, PA. - Another IKKF Women's Self-Defense Instructor Training Seminar is scheduled for November 13-14, 1999 at the HKA Dojo in Reading, Pa. The WSDIT is to cover Session #5, which requires Sessions #1 & 2 as prerequisites. The WSDIT is taught by Kyoshi's Bobbi Snyder and Ann-Marie Heilman.

The WSDIT will start at 8:30 am on Saturday and run to 1:00 pm on Sunday. For more information or to download a WSDIT Registration Form, check out our IKKF Web Page at:: "http://www.ikkf.org/wsdit-nov.html".


Just received work from Hanshi George Alexander, recently returned from a trip to Okinawa, that his company YAMAZATO PRODUCTIONS has released three new video tapes. They include the following:

o Okinawan Karate Voyage - shares the adventure of a trip to Okinawa.

o Ryukyu no Kaze (Dragon Spirit) - details the history of the Ryukyu Islands. This is a two-volume set and is two hours and thirty minutes long.

o Okinawan Taiko - this video showcases the performance of the Okinawan Taiko group at Shuri castle. It captures the pageantry of the Okinawan dancers and the distinctive brand of Okinawan Taiko music.

Contact Yamazato at 1-888-299-YAMA (9262) or "http://www.yamazato-iskkf.com" for information on the videos.


Special CONGRATULATIONS go out to the following IKKF Member who is a proud new parent.

o MANUEL MENDOZA - Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza recently celebrated the birth of a healthy baby boy named Christian Mendoza. Mr. Mendoza is a Yudansha student of Hanshi Heilman.

We also extend our CONGRATULATIONS to two new married couples.

o CHUCK MERRIMAN & LILL HASSELMANN - The new Mr. & Mrs Merriman were married October 8th, in a small "Japanese Wedding Ceremony" at Okinawa at the Naminoueji in Naha's Kumemura. Having been partners for many years, they finally tied the knot during their recent visit to Okinawa.

o RYAN AND MALISSA CLOSE - The Close's were married in a unique "Renaissance/Medieval Wedding Ceremony" held October 2, 1999. Mr. and Mrs. Close are Yudansha and Mudansha level student or Renshi Baer respectively.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to IKKF Renshi DOUG HOOVER, Martinsburg, Pa., on his 43 birthday October 23rd. This is also his 25 year in the martial arts.

Special Congratulations go out for RECENT PROMOTIONS.

o WILLIAM DOMETRICH of the United States Chitoryu Karate Federation on his recent promotion to 8th Dan Hanshi. Hanshi Dometrich is considered on the the key Pioneers of Karate in the States and operates an excellent organization with quality members.

o ROY HOBBS - A member of the IKKF Executive Board, Hanshi Hobbs recently received his 10th Dan promotion from his teacher Hanshi Seiki Toma, Okinawa, Japan. Hanshi Hobbs is a highly skilled practitioner and holds advanced ranks in a mumber of traditional styles.

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