4th Quarter, 2000

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks to the efforts of Isshinryu stylist and IKKF Kobudo Division Member, Kyoshi MARILYN FIERRO, this years IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING was taped for Cable TV. Many hours of raw footage was shot and was edited down into a series of 6 half hour shows produced for Cable TV. The Cable TV shows were shown in both New York and Pennsylvania.

Kyoshi Fierro produces and directs a Cable TV Show entitled "TAKING CHARGE" which is aired on Long Island Cablevision (Channel 25 in New York). Kyoshi Fierro has produced a wide variety of excellent shows on various martial arts events and topics.

For information on how to view and / or purchase a copy of her "TAKING CHARGE" programs, please visit: "http://members.aol.com/mstymtn/karate/t_charge.htm", or phone (515) 265-9062.


As the temperature starts to get colder and the leaves begin to turn, IKKF members thoughts turn to Fall Kobudo Camp. This annual event has become a favorite among our weapons members. The weekend training focused on kobudo, kobudo and more kobudo.

Instructors for the event included Hanshi Heilman, Kyoshi Heilman and IKKF Renshi-Kai members, Zondlo, Rupert, Baer, DeGori & Apsokardu. Training was provided for both beginners and advanced level practitioners.

As a special treat for the participants, a pizza party was held on Saturday evening at the local Coast Guard Reserve Club. It was a great way to get together and swap "war stories" and share the events of the weekend.


Special congratulations go out to Mr. & Mrs. Steve Baer who recently gave birth to their second child, and to Mr. & Mrs. Greg Holmes who gave birth to their first child. Steve Baer is a member of the IKKF Renshi-Kai and Mr. Holmes is a member of the IKKF Kobudo division.

Also of special note is the recent one year wedding Anniversary of Chuck and Lill Merriman. The Merriman's were married last year in Okinawa.


IKKF Renshi-Kai member Doug Hoover recently injured his knee and will be undergoing knee surgery. Our best wishes are with him for a quick and full recovery.


We are pleased to announce that IKKF Executive Board member Roy Hobbs recently received his promotion to the rank of 9th Dan in Seidokan Karate & Kobudo and 9th Dan in Seidokan Tuite from his teacher Hanshi Shian Toma. Mr. Hobbs also holds Hanshi rank and title in Shorin-ryu from Hanshi Seike Toma, as well as advanced rank in other arts. Mr. Hobbs has basically dedicated his life to the study of martial arts while serving his country in the military service.


Kyoshi EBERHARD WELCH, Shorin-ryu Shorinkan, sponsored his 13th Annual All Okinawan / Japanese Traditional Tournament & Seminar in Washington, D.C.

The event is scheduled for November 9-12, 2000 and featured Hanshi SHUGORO NAKAZATO as the Special Guest Instructor. Hanshi Nakazato was assisted by three of his top students - Hanshi YONAMINE, 9th Dan; Kyoshi's KENPO KINJO, BENTOKU IFUKU & DOUG PERRY, 8th Dans.

Anyone who had a chance to attend the event definately found it worthwile. Nagazato Hanshi is a true example of what being a honorable and ethical martial arts practitioner / leader is all about. His love of his art and his desire to share it with others is refreshing.


The 2000 UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS were again held in New Orlenas. LA. The three day event was held July 27 -30th, and was well attended and smoothly run.

The event is hoisted by Hanshi JAMES HAWKES and Dr. DAVID JORDAN, Co-Directors of the USKA. Hawkes Hanshi is a member of the IKKF Executive Board.

USKA / IKKF member CASANDRA SHULTS defended her World Grand Championship in Womens Kumite. Mr. Heilman, the defending Weapons Grand Champion , announced his retirement from competition and thus did not defend his title. A special weapons demonstration was preformed by Hanshi Heilman and Kyoshi Eddie Bethea, both members of the USKA's Kobudo Board.

Congratulations to the Alliance Staff and especially Joe Dupaquier who made this years event such a great success.


Hanshi Nick Adler, IKKF Executive Board Member recently held the Nick Adler's Centurions Super Training Weekend. Instructors for the two-day event included Hanshi Nick Adler, Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Kyoshi Chuck Merriman and Shihan Miguel Ibarra. Hanshi Adler was also assisted by his Centurian Chief Instructors: Kyoshi's Marilyn Fierro, Tommy May & Ray Bradley; and Renshi's Scott Klinger, Randy Wirtenson & Lou Popek.


Renshi Dan Rupert, recently traveled to Louisiana to teach IKKF Kobudo. The visit was sponsored by Joe Dupaquier and Danny Gililland, both IKKF Kobudo division members.


Renshi Tom Apsokardu will be sponsoring his first tournament in April. The event will be in Memorial to the Marasco children who were members of the Apsokardu Dojo in Bernville, Pa. (Vince & Julia)


In order to free up the 4th of July weekend and to minimize scheduling conflicts with the USKA World Championships and the USKK Nationals, we have rescheduled the IKKF Annual Training to June. Thus, the 2002 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING will be held JUNE 22-24th and will be again held at The Cloisters in Reading, Pa.


In December, Mr. & Mrs. Heilman will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain to teach a series of seminars introducing Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo. the week long trip (December 11-18th) is sponsored by Jose Guiral, USKA Director for Spain. This will be the Heilmans first trip to Spain and should be a great opportunity to introduce the IKKF Kobudo Program.


Renshi Dan Rupert has recently been named Manager of the Heilman Karate Academy, Inc. (IKKF Honbu Dojo). This promotion was a result of Mr. Heilman returning to full time Engineering and Mrs. Heilman getting ready to begin her Doctorate studies. Mr. Rupert is a member of the IKKF Renshi-Kai.


As some of our members may be aware of at this time, the IKKF Honbu no longer takes orders for embroidered obis (belts). We have however, posted detailed information on our web page to assist Dojo Heads in ordering their obis. The web page section gives the names and addresses of recommended obi manafactures, provides a template showing how the obi should be set up, and kanji images for use - "Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo" and "Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo". check out the information at: "www.ikkf.org/obi.html" (listed under the On-Line Store section of the IKKF Web Page).



Just a reminder that IKKF Organization, Dojo and Individual Memberships are on a Calendar Year basis. So with the coming of the New Year, please work on getting in your renewals for 2001 by the end of January for your existing dojo members. It is also suggested that membership in the Federation be made part of the initial enrolment package for each new dojo student.

You can download memberships forms directly from the IKKF Web page at: "www.ikkf.org/forms.html" (IKKF Page - application forms section). Just save the image file to your desktop and then print out a copy.


As posted in the last issue of The BULLETIN, minimum active membership times have been established. A minimum of three full years active membership in the IKKF will be required to be eligible for the standard IKKF Karate-Kobudo or Kobudo student of an IKKF Chartered Dojo to be eligible for testing review. For those Yudansha individuals transitioning into the Karate-Kobudo or Kobudo Program, a minimum of 2 full years active membership will be required. Thus in short, if individuals of a dojo are training in either IKKF Karate-Kobudo or IKKF Kobudo arts, it is expected that they should also be active members of the organization.


Rank / Belt Color / Min. Time

Junior Black Belt I / Plain Black / 4 years
Junior black Belt II / Plain Black / 6 years
1st Dan - Shodan / Black (embroidered) / 4 yrs. (14 +)
2nd Dan - Nidan / Black / 6 years
3rd Dan - Sandan / Black / 8 years
4th Dan - Yondan / Black / 11 years
5th Dan - Godan / Black / 15 years
6th Dan - Rokudan / Black / 20 years
7th Dan - Shichidan / Black / 25 years
8th Dan - Hachidan / Black / 30 years
9th Dan - Kudan / Black / 40 years
10th Dan - Judan / Black / 50 years +

Teachers Licenses / Belt / Rank Req.

Renshi - Teacher / Black / 1 gold stripe / 4th Dan +
Kyoshi - Sr. Teacher / Black / 2 gold stripes
or Red / White / 7th Dan +
Hanshi - Master / Black / 3 gold
stripes or Red / 9th Dan +


From time to time we receive requests from members for some suggestions for recommended books. The following reading list is provided for your reference.

o "Okinawa: The History of an Island People", George Kerr, Charles E. Tuttle Co. Inc.
o "Karate Do: History and Philosophy", Takao Nakaya, JSS Publishing Co.
o "Comprehensive Asian fighting Arts", Draeger & Smith, Kodansha International.
o "Okinawa: Island of Karate", George Alexander, Yamazato Publishing
o "Bushido: The Soul of Japan", Trevor Leggett, Tuttle Publishing.
o "The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia: Tradition-History-Pioneers", John Corcoran & Emil Farkas, Unique Publications.
o "Karate╣s History & Traditions", Bruce A. Haines, Tuttle Publishing.
o "Living The Martial Way", Forrest E. Morgan, Major USAF, Barric Ade Books.
o "The Karate Dojo: Traditions & Tales of a Martial Art", Peter Urban, Tuttle Publishing.
o "The Karate Experience: A Way of Life", Randall G. Hassell, Tuttle Publishing.
o "Karate-Do: My Way of Life", Gichin Funakoshi, Kodansha International.
o "A Book of five Rings", Miyamoto Musashi, Order through Dragon Books.
o "Urante: The Secrets of Karate", John Sells, W.M. Hawley Publications.
o "Bubishi: Martial Arts Spirit", George Alexander & Ken Penland, Yamazato Publishing.
o "The 100 Year History of Shorin-ryu Karate", Frank Hargrove, Fadorah Publishing Co.
o "The Bubishi", Patrick McCarthy, Tuttle Publishing.
o "Cracking The Kata Code: How does a Kata Mean?", Tony Annesi, Bushido-Kai Productions.
o "An Explication of the Benefits of Budo: The Road to Mastery", Tony Annesi, Bushido-Kai Productions.
o "The Essence Of Okinawan Karate-Do", Shoshin Nagamine, Tuttle Publishing. (Shorin-ryu)
o "Karate: The Art of │Empty Hand▓ Fighting", Nishiyama & Brown, Tuttle Publishing. (Shotokan)
o "The Way of Karate", George E. Mattson, Tuttle Publishing. (Uechi-ryu)
o "Karate-Do Kyohan", Gichin Funakoshi, Kodansha International. (Shotokan)
o "Karate-Do Nyumon", Gichin Funakoshi, Kodansha International. (Shotokan)
o "Best Karate (Volumes 1-12)", M. Nakayama, Kodansha International.(Shotokan)
o "Goju-ryu Traditional Karate Series (Volumes 1-4)", M. Higaonna, Order through Dragon Books. (Goju-ryu)
o "Budo: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido", Morihei Ueshiba, Kodansha International. (Aikido)
o "Shotokan Advanced Kata (Volumes 1-3)", Keinosuke Enoeda, Order through Unique Publications. (Shotokan)
o "Secrets of Uechi ryu Karate & the Mysteries of Okinawa", Alan Dollar, Cherokee Publishing. (Uechi-ryu)
o "My Journey with the Grand Master", Bill Hayes. (Shorin-ryu)
o Plus - Numerous Publications by Patrick McCarthy, published by the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (www.society.webcentral.com.au)

Publishers Addresses:

Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc.
28 South Main Street, P.O. Box 410
Rutland, Vermont 05701

Dragon Books
P.O. Box 6039
Thousand Oaks, CA. 91359

Kodansha International
Kodansha America, Inc.
114 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10011

Ohara Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 918
Santa Clarita, CA. 91380

Unique Publications
4201 Vanowen Place
Burbank, CA. 91505

JSS Publications Co.
208 Carrollton Park, Suite 1201
Carrollton, Texas

Cherokee Publishing
1001 Fitzuren Road
Antioch, CA. 94509

W. M. Hawley
8200 Gould Avenue
Hollywood, CA. 90046-1960


Shihan Bill Hayes, one of the Senior Shorin-ryu practitioners in the States recently contacted Mr. Heilman recommending a new book for his personal library. The book is a new release by Chuck Chandler, Kyoshi, 8th Dan. For information on the book, contact Joyce Stech at "josanstech@yahoo.com".

Renshi Jim Davenport, Deputy Chief Instructor, US Chito-ryu Karate Federation recently announced a new book on Chito-ryu by Mike Collings. For information on this new book, go to the US Chito-ryu Karate Federations Web Page at "www.chito-ryu.com".


We are pleased to announce that a new Martial Arts Magazine focusing on the traditional arts is now being published. The magazine is called "MAISHIN SHORINJI" and is published by Shihan Ronald L. Lindsey. According to shihan Lindsey, the name "Maishin Shorinji" refers to a difficult pathway to reach the Shaolin Temple, which the magazine honors as being the "original source" for all karate styles and many other martial arts as well. Shihan Lindsey is a highly respected senior Shorin-ryu practitioner in the States. He trained in Okinawa with Hohan Soken and Fuise Kise.

The magazine is highly recommended by Hanshi Heilman. You can order your subscription to the magazine by contacting Mr. Lindsey at the following address: Maishin Shorinji, P.O. Box 689, Bastrop, Texas 78601. Phone (512) 303-5597, or Email: "B.Lindsey@WorldNet.ATT.Net".


The 2001 IKKF WINTER CAMP will be held January 20-21, 2001 at The Cloisters in Reading, Pa. The two day training will focus on both Karate and Kobudo. A formal Yudansha Testing will also be offered for qualified IKKF Members. For more information check out the seminar section of this web page ("www.ikkf.org/campsWC01.html") or give the IKKF Honbu a call at (610) 921-3601.

EDITORIAL - Change For The Future, by Hanshi Heilman:

As many in the IKKF Family are aware, I recently made a decision to shift from doing the Martial Arts on a Full-Time basis and return to Engineering. The decision was not an easy one for either myself or Mrs. H., but it was one which was necessary.

Mrs. H. and I have operated a martial arts dojo in Reading, Pa. for over 28 years. In that time we have seen martial arts interest go through a number of periods of growth and decline. For the last six years, I had retired from Engineering and devoted my focus to full-time martial arts and traveling around the world promoting Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo under the IKKF Program. It truly has been an exciting number of years for both of us. However, in the last couple of years, we have noticed a significant downturn in interest in serious training, not only with our own dojo but also nationally and internationally. This situation has been complicated by a significant increase in the number of "martial arts studios" popping up everywhere and the growth of the high volume / marketing intense / commercial schools.

As each or us go through life, we come upon points where we find ourselves stopping to reevaluate our direction and goals. The last year or so have been such a time for myself and Mrs. H.

The key point in our reevaluation was the fact that we (particularly myself) are very conservative / traditional in our view of what we feel the martial arts are about and what we want to receive from it. There has been a joke for a number of years to my being referred to as a "dinosaur" by the senior staff of a leading tuition billing company. I hereby fully acknowledge that there observation of myself as a "dinosaur" was right on target. This has nothing negative toward any individuals who run large commercial schools, it is just a recognition that, that direction is not for me.

My decision to accept a full time Engineering position offers a number of positive benefits to both the HKA Dojo and to the IKKF. On the Dojo side, we can maintain our quality standards and strong traditional focus without having to compromise. The benefit to the IKKF from this change is that with the day-to-day operation of the dojo now in the capable hands of Renshi Dan Rupert as HKA Manager, it frees me up to focus on activities beneficial to the IKKF. This year we completed a major task in the expansion of our IKKF Video Training Tape Series from the initial 13 to a total of 25 covering the eintire IKKF Program. Now one of my goals for the next year is to finally be able to complete my book(s) on the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system. It will be a lot of work, but it is something that I have been working toward for over a decade. The final production of these books will be a significant milestone for the preservation of the IKKF Program.

On a personal side, my returning to a full-time Engineering position (with benefits) will permit Mrs. H. to return to school and pursue her Doctorate. It will give me great pride at some point in the future when the two of us can be introduced as ..."Doctor and Mr. Heilman"!!. Further, as I approach (next year) my 40 anniversary in the arts, I also look forward to having time available to focus on my own training and studies - something that even after only a couple of months has already started to relight an old fire in me.

On the down side, I do recognize that the change and resulting job commitments will result in a reduced Seminar Teaching Schedule for me. However as a remedy to my reduced availability, I plan to give priority consideration to IKKF Dojos and Affiliated Organizations when making seminar commitments.

In closing, it is always hard to move on and take on new challenges, but that is what makes our lives interesting and worthwhile in the long run.

* * * *

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