3rd Quarter, 1999

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


READING, PA. - The 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING was again held at The Cloister at St. Joseph's. The annual Trainings are designed to provide IKKF members the opportunity to train with some of the BEST INSTRUCTORS IN THE WORLD!!

This years event was right on target with a line of Guest Instructors that included: Hanshi NICK ADLER, Kyoshi JODY PAUL, Kyoshi CHUCK MERRIMAN, Kyoshi PATRICK McCARTHY, Shihan MIGUEL IBARRA, Kyoshi BOBBI SNYDER, in addition to Hanshi C. BRUCE HEILMAN and Kyoshi ANN-MARIE HEILMAN. The excellent group of Instructors were also supplemented by members of the IKKF Renshi-Kai including: Renshi's Kevin McCarthy, Doug Hoover, Steve Baer, Dan Rupert, Rick Zondlo and Brian DeGori.

Typically, three concurrent training sessions were schedule at any one time. This approach provided for participants to select those topics of interest to them.

One of the highlights of this years event was a fantastic lecture on "martial arts history" given by Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy from Australia. Kyoshi McCarthy is considered by most today to be the foremost non-Asian historian publishing today. This was Kyoshi McCarthy's second visit as a Guest Instructor at an IKKF training event. Kyoshi McCarthy is also a member of the IKKF Executive Board.

Training sessions focused to beginners, intermediate and Black Belt level students. Topics included: Okinawa Kenpo Karate kata (beginner and advanced levels), Seiunchin kata and breath theory, Two-person drills, Tegumi exercises, and Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo katas covering - Bo, Sai, Tunfa, Nunchaku, Eiku, Kama, Tekkos, Bo-Bo and Bo-Tunfa. Additionally, a number of sessions were held on Aikijujitsu and Kendo.

Overall the focus of the 1999 IKKF Annual Training was to BASICS. Each of the various kata sessions spend a good portion of the time addressing bunkai and related applications.

A unique highlight of this years event was a "Question & Answer" session at the end of the three days of training, with the panel comprised of the Guest Instructors. This gave the event participants an opportunity to have some "quality discussion time" with these highly experienced Instructors.

Formal Yudansha Testing was held on Friday evening with individuals being reviewed for levels from 1st-6th Dans, as well as two going for their Teachers Licenses. The testing was hard and demanding.

The 1999 IKKF ANNUAL BANQUET was back to its old form with the return of Chief Joe Orlando (HKA student and Manager of The Cloister's). This years food was "insanely great" according to Kyoshi McCarthy, and it was an opinion shared by all attending. Renshi Steve Baer did a fantastic job as this years MC of festivities, including presentation of Annual Awards, Promotions, Appreciation Plaques, etc.

The final day of the event was closed with a number of awesome demonstrations given by each of the Guest Instructors - truly a sight to be seen!

Overall, the 1999 IKKF Annual Training was something UNIQUE - it had a special feeling that no one could put their finger on, but one that everyone expressed that it was one of the best ever!! It was a feeling of "family", hard training, great excitement, and just a bunch of great participants coming together to share their knowledge and "keep the old ways alive". A special "Thank You" goes out to our IKKF Family - who made the event a success!!


The 1999 IKKF ANNUAL AWARDS were formally presented at this years Annual Banquet held in Reading, Pa. as part of the 1999 IKKF Annual Training event.

The various Annual Awards presented by the IKKF and their recipients are as follows:

o DOJO OF THE YEAR - Baer Martial Arts Center, Renshi Steve Baer, Trexlertown, Pa. This award is given to recognize the outstanding IKKF Chartered Dojo during the year based upon memberships, seminar participation, etc.

o COMPETITOR OF THE YEAR - Cassandra Shults, Hawkes Dojo, Albuquerque, N.M. This award is to recognize the most outstanding IKKF competitor during the year. Ms. Shults has been nationally ranked as the USKA's #1 Women's Black Belt competitor for a number of years.

o HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR - Tom Apsokardu, Bernville, Pa. This award recognizes individuals who give back to their community through volunteer efforts, sponsorship activities, etc.

o NATILE FAITH BAER AWARD - Martin Lower, Baer Dojo, Trexlertown, Pa. This award is presented to the IKKF member who overcomes a significant physical or emotional obstacle during the year.

o IKKF LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder, Carnegie, Pa. This was a first time award given to recognize outstanding contributions to the martial arts field. Ms. snyder is one of the Pioneer Women Black Belts in the arts and is acknowledged as one of the foremost trainers for Women's Self-Defense Instructors in the States.

Congratulations to the above recipients of the IKKF Annual Awards as well as Renshi Daniel Rupert who received a plaque for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION for coordinating another successful Annual Training event.


A total of five new members were inducted into the IKKF's SAN JU NEN KAI. this award is given to those members of the IKKF who have been involved in the martial arts for 30 years or more. This brings the current membership in the IKKF's San Ju Nen Kai to 22.

The new members inducted included:

o Partick McCarthy, 7th Dan, Australia
o Marilyn Fierro, 7th Dan, NY, USA
o Roy J. Hobbs, 9th Dan, Japan
o Rick Ullrich, 3rd Dan, PA, USA
o Tom Cauley, 8th Dan, TN, USA

Congratulations tothe new San Ju Nen Kai members.


We are pleased to announce the following individuals received Yudansha (Black Belt) promotions during the 2nd quarter of 1999.

The following individuals recently tested for Kobudo Certification at a IKKF / USKA Testing in Albuquerque, N.M. held at USKA Headquarters.

o Sue Hawkes - 1st Dan Kobudo, Hawkes Dojo
o Anita Gallegos - 2nd Dan Kobudo, Hawkes Dojo
o Maria Brookley - 2nd Dan Kobudo, Hawkes Dojo

The following individuals successfully tested for ranking at the 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING.

o David Locke - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, DeGori Dojo
o Jason Butcher - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, DeGori Dojo
o Jonathan Stralo - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Heilman Dojo
o Jeff Sensenig - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Heilman Dojo
o Ben Miller - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Hoover Dojo
o Deborah Kohler - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Apsokardu Dojo
o Chris Stewart - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Apsokardu Dojo
o Bob Robertson - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Baer Dojo
o Hilary Robertson - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Baer Dojo
o Shana Metzger - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Baer Dojo
o Chris Halat - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Baer Dojo
o Jason Spesak - 1st Dan Karate & Kobudo, Baer Dojo
o Walt Moyer - 3rd Dan Karate & Kobudo, Heilman Dojo
o Sam Shaw - 4th Dan Kobudo, Renshi Kobudo, Hawkes Dojo
o Tom Apsokardu - 4th Dan Karate & Kobudo, Renshi Karate & Kobudo, Apsokardu Dojo
o Kevin McCarthy - 6th Dan Karate & Kobudo, McCarthy Dojo

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the above individuals on their accomplishment.


The IKKF Honbu is pleased to announce that a good amount of items were sent to Headquarters as part of our ongoing GI & MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT DRIVE. A big THANK YOU to those IKKF Dojos and others that contributed items to this valuable good will program.

The purpose of this effort is to collect old, worn uniforms and other equipment which will be repaired and sent to our IKKF Affiliated schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is a great way for dojos to do "public service" and help out others who are less fortunate than you. So look through your closet and pull out those old gis that don't fit - just take off any patches and send the gis, etc. to the IKKF Honbu. Sparring gear and other related martial arts equipment is also accepted.


The 1999 UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are scheduled for July 29th - August 1, 1999 in New Orleans, La. The three-day event typically draws a large number of competitors and hoists some of the top "white gi" competitors in the Nation.

As in past years, Mr. & Mrs. Heilman will be attending, Additionally , IKKF members attending the event will also be putting on a Karate-Kobudo Demonstration for the Finals. We anticipate that it will be another great time for all.


In the beginning of July, the IKKF Honbu received an "Official" Email statement from the creators of Bugeisha Magazine. The statement indicated that Bugeisha sad ..."come across 'difficulties' which have made an impact in our production and administrative capabilities. But that is where it ends. We are still as dedicated to continuing a form of Bugeisha, as the day that it was first introduced."

The statement goes on to indicate that ..."Bugeisha will no longer continue as a print magazine, It will shift it's form into an electronic journal....You will get the same quality of bugeisha, but in a new and exciting electronic medium that will allow us to provide much better coverage without the timely and prohibitive processes of producing a printed magazine. Bugeisha will be a living publication, no deadlines, no schedules, just a constant flow of new material that will be posted as soon as it comes in to us. This means that you will truly have a community to visit that will keep you constantly updated with the world of 'traditional martial arts'. It will be a 'gathering' place. An Electronic Dojo to share your ideas and take in feature rich electronic articles just like the ones you are used to on paper."

In closing the statement read ..."Our loyal following has shown nothing but support for our survival in any form and for this we are all very grateful. We have also made some strong ties with the electronic martial arts community and have made plans to accommodate more writers, articles and features....Thank you for all your support and in believing in the Bugeisha inside of you. Because this is not about a magazine, it is about that which drives us all to conquer like through the spirit of Budo and it's many different paths and disciplines which all lead to the same destination at it's end."

The IKKF wishes Bugeisha the best of luck in its new form. For further information please contact "bugeisha@mediaone.net".



It is with sadness that we announce the passing of a mother of one of our IKKF Yudansha.

o AGNES MOYER - is the mother of HKA Yudansha WALT MOYER who passed away recently. Mr. Moyer recently passed his Sandan Testing at Annual Training.


o RACHAEL THOMPSON - Sewell, N. J. and HKA Yudansha is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and is doing well.

o RICHARD BUTTERBAUGH - Altoona, Pa. is recovering from an additional hospital visit due to heart problems. He is back working out on a limited basis.


Special Congratulations go out to a number of IKKF members who are proud new parents.

o TOM & MICHELE APSOKARDU - gave birth to a new daughter - their first child. The new future Yudansha is named - Erin Elizabeth Apsokardu and she is right at home in the dojo. The Apsokardu's are Yudansha students of Hanshi Heilman and operate their own dojo, the Mt. Pleasant Martial Arts Center in Bernville, Pa.

o JEREMY & HEATHER SCHOENER - also had their first child - a baby girl named Hanna Elizabeth Schoener. Mr. Schoener is a Yudansha student of Hanshi Heilman and teaches the Ju-Jitsu Program at the Honbu.

o JAMES AND JULIE KEAHON - gave birth to their second child a boy named Christopher Keahon. The Keahons are IKKF Kobudo Members and operate the Okinawan Karate Academy in Lawrenceville, N.J.


Kyoshi JODY PAUL (IKKF Executive Board Member) recently announced that his teacher Shian Toma, Hanshi, 10th Dan, will be a Special Guest at the 1999 Seidokan Motobu-ryu Classics to be held September 18th, in Kingsland, Georgia. Also attending with Toma Hanshi will be Shigemitsu Tamaei, Hanshi, 9th Dan, the senior student of Toma Hanshi. Many other traditional practitioners are scheduled to attend, including Mr. & Mrs. Heilman. For more information contact Kyoshi Jody Paul at Ph: (912) 729-7232, Fax: (912) 729-5383 or Email at: "motobu@eagnet.com".


The IKKF's FALL KOBUDO CAMP is scheduled for OCTOBER 2-3, 1999. the event will be held at The Cloister at St. Josephs in Reading, Pa. This annual event is focused entirely to instruction in Okinawan Kobudo. the training is broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced segments and a full variety of weapons are covered. Make your plans now to attend!!!


IKKF Honbu recently received a complementary copy of a new soft style magazine recently making its debue on the publication scene. The magazine it called "INTERNAL MARTIAL ARTS" and it is published by Six Harmonies Press. The Editor-in-Chief is Michael W. Jones. According to Mr. Jones, ..."Internal Martial Arts magazine is dedicated to providing informative and objective coverage of traditional Taiji, Xingyi, Bajua, Aikido and related arts. IMA invites substantiative contributions reflecting practical knowledge and experience in internal arts from fellow teachers and enthusiasts."

For more information on IMA contact: Six Harmonies Press, 130 W. Main Street, Suite 144-344, Collegeville, Pa. 19426 or Email at "info@sixharmonies.org" or check out their web page at "http://www.sixharmonies.org".



The 1999 IKKF SPRING CAMP was held March 20th-21st at the IKKF Honbu. The event focused primarily on Okinawa Kenpo Karate for Yudansha (Black Belts). Also, special sessions for Renshi (Licensed Instructors) were also given by Hanshi and Kyoshi Heilman. A welcome participant at the training was Renshi Ron Dargan, 6th Dan, recently returned from another tour of duty in Okinawa. Overall, the major thrust for the training was "basics, basics and more basics".


Hanshi James Hawkes, Co-Director of the USKA, sponsored this annual event which was held this year in Albuquerque, N.M. Seminar Instructors for the event included the Heilmans and Fumio Demura. The Heilmans taught a number of sessions on Okinawa Kobudo with Demura Shihan teaching Karate. During this event, a Formal USKA / IKKF Kobudo Testing was held. The USKA National Tournament again proved itself to be a quality and well run event. As a special note. Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman came out of "retirement" and competed in the Senior Division and won a 2nd Place in Kata! Great job Mrs. H.!!


On April 17th, Hanshi Heilman and Renshi Rupert traveled to Lawrenceville, N.J. to teach a Okinawan Kobudo Seminar at the ACADEMY OF OKINAWAN KARATE. The sponsors of the event were Kyoshi James Keahon and Sensei Julia Keahon. The training was intensive and covered a full range of weapons - a good time was had by all. Hanshi Heilman noted pleasure at the quality of the kobudo at the Keahon Dojo.


In June, Renshi Dan Rupert traveled to Shenandoah, Pa. to conduct a Okinawan Kobudo Seminar at the MUMEI DOJO of Renshi Carla Pronio. Sensei Pronio, is Goju-ryu stylist who practices Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo under the IKKF Program. Renshi Rupert instructed participants covering basics, kata, and bunkai for the bo, sai, tunfa, nunchaku, and eiku.


IKKF Kobudo division member, Sensei JOSE JUAN CRUZ recently traveled to Japan to attend the International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF) WORLD CONGRESS in Ageo City, Japan. Sensei Cruz, a Shotokan stylist had the opportunity to train with a number of key IMAF Karate and Kobudo Instructors. Cruz Sensei also competed in a Black Belt Tournament sponsored by the IMAF and placed 4th in kata and 5th in kobudo. Congratulations Sensei Cruz on a job well done.


On June 18-20th, the Heilmans traveled to Albuquerque, N.M. to instruct a series of Seminars on Ju-Jitsu and Okinawan Kobudo. Mr. Heilman taught a Ju-Jitsu Seminar which focused on Groundfighting and Come-Along Techniques. Both of the Heilmans taught the Kobudo Seminars which covered both short range and long range weapons.

The Seminars were held at the new USKA Headquarters Dojo. This visit has become an annual event for the Heilmans. At the end of the visit, a Formal Kobudo Testing was held with a number of individuals being advanced in Kobudo Ranking. Special thanks to Hanshi JAMES HAWKES, Sue Hawkes, Cassandra Shults (Kobudo Instructor for the Hawkes Dojo), Sam Shaw, and Lee Kittell.


Recently, Hanshi Heilman, Kyoshi Heilman and Renshi Rupert traveled to Pitman, N.J. to conduct a Karate - Kobudo Seminar at the OKINAWA KENPO KARATE ACADEMY of Renshi BRIAN DeGORI. The Seminar was conducted in Renshi DeGori's NEW, LARGE dojo which would be every dojo owners dream! The evening Seminar covered both Open Hand and Weapons kata focusing on basics and bunkai. A special thanks goes out to Senseis DeGori and Mark Jordan for sponsoring this event.


On May 11-12th, the Heilmans had the pleasure to attend a special event held in Washington, D.C. at which a group of seven Okinawan Masters gave various Seminars on Karate and Kobudo. The event was sponsored by Renshi Eberhard Welch (Shorin-ryu Shorin Kan) and the overall multi-city tour was coordinated by Shihan Dan Smith.

Members of the Okinawan Masters Tour included: SHUGORO NAKAZATO, Hanshi, 10th Dan; RYUKO TOMOYOSE, Hanshi, 9th Dan; ZEMPO SHIMABUKURO, Hanshi, 9th Dan; MEITATSU YAGI, Hanshi, 9th Dan; MASARU YONAMINE, Hanshi, 9th Dan; BUNTOKU IFUKU, Kyoshi, 8th Dan; and TSUYOSHI UECHI, Kyoshi, 8th Dan.

The two-day event included a special Japanese dinner with the Masters, a full day of excellent Seminars and an evening dinner with the Masters and seminar participants. Congratulations to Messrs. Welch and Smith on a job well done.!!

Mr. & Mrs. H. really enjoyed their visit as it gave an opportunity to renew friendships with Shimabukuro and tomoyose Senseis, with whom the Heilman had met on one of their previous trips to Okinawa.


In the last issue of this IKKF Electronic Newsletter it was announced that four independent Okinawa Kenpo Groups hade recently come together to form a united front for the preservation of the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system. The new organization was named the "OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO UNION".

The Okinawa Kenpo system founded by the late Shigeru Nakamura in 1953, and currently having Seikichi Odo as its leading practitioner, has a direct lineage which can be traced back to 1733. The system (not unlike most other Okinawan or Japanese systems) has had its share of politics and organizational problems in the past, and to have a coming together or four of its major practitioners in the States is truly a historic and positive event for unity and future growth for a portion of the Okinawa Kenpo system.

The OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO UNION has been established to provide a framework for the propagation of the traditional art of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo in an atmosphere of common respect, professionalism and fraternity. The OKKKU is not open to individual or dojo members, but rather is structured to service member organizations.

More information on the new OKKKU and its relationship to the IKKF is presented in the 3rd Quarter Update of the IKKF Web Page. A special OKKKU Web Page has been established, as a subsection of the IKKF Web Page and linked to each of the Founding Organization Members. The new OKKKU Web Page presents an overview of its Organizational Structure, a copy of the OKKKU Protocol, Organizational Bylaws, and brief bios on each of the Founding Organizations.

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