3rd Quarter, 1998

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. With the future update of our pagemaker software we plan to be able to reproduce the entire newsletter (text & pictures) in this section. Hope you enjoy it.


READING, PA. - July 10-12th, were the dates for the 1998 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING. The event was again held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's. The Annual Trainings are designed to provide our members with the opportunity to train with some of the BEST INSTRUCTORS IN THE WORLD!!

This years event was right on target with a line of Guest Instructors that included: Hanshi Nick Adler, Hanshi George Alexander, Kyoshi Chuck Merriman, Shihan Miguel Ibarra, Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder, and Sensei Jose Juan Cruz. This excellent group of instructors was supplemented with IKKF Staff including: Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman and Renshi Kai members Rick Zondlo, Dan Rupert, Steve Baer, Doug Hoover and Brian DeGori. Martial arts author, Major Forrest Morgan was scheduled to attend, by ran into scheduling problems. We hope to have him returning for another lecture session at Winter Camp.

Training sessions focussed to beginners, intermediate and Black Belt level students. Topics covered included: Okinawa Kenpo Karate kata (beginner - advanced levels), Sanchin Kata and Breath Theory, Bo, Sai, Tunfa, Nunchaku, Eiku, Nunte Bo, Tekkos, and Bo-Bo. A major focus for the weapons sessions was on applications in addition to kata. Also sessions were held on Aikijujitsu, Kenjitsu, Mui Tai Fighting Concepts, Conditioning Exercises, & Two-person Training Drills. Lecture sessions were held on Martial Arts History (by Hanshi Alexander) and Coaching Concepts (by Kyoshi Merriman).

This years event also included two days of Women's Self-Defense Instructors Training Sessions (Session #4) by Kyoshis Snyder & Heilman.
What has turned into a regular part of all of our IKKF Training Camps was a free sparring session in which participants got to spar with members from other dojos. It was great fun and a nice way to end the three-day event.

The IKKF ANNUAL BANQUET was held on Saturday evening and as has been in the past - the food was great!! Renshi Baer did his usual great job of MC'ing the festivities, earning his "rope belt" in the process. Presentations were made to the Guest Instructors and our Annual Awards were made. Finally, the moment most had been waiting for - the Yudansha Promotions. A total of fourteen (14) individuals tested for various levels of Black Belt (1-3rd Dans).


The 1998 IKKF Annual Awards were formally presented at this years Annual Banquet held in Reading, Pa. as part of the Annual Training event.

The various Annual Awards presented by the IKKF and their recipients are as follows:
Congratulations to the above recipients of the IKKF Annual Awards as well as Renshi Daniel Rupert who received a plaque for coordinating another successful Annual Training event.


Atlanta, Ga. - Renshi KEVIN McCARTHY and his HIGHLAND DOJO sponsored an IKKF KOBUDO SEMINAR in April. The Seminar was taught by Hanshi and Kyoshi Heilman with assistance of Renshi McCarthy. The Seminar focused on the Bo, Sai, Tunfa, Nunchaku and Tekkos. The Seminar was attended by Okinawa Kenpo, Goju and Shorin-ryu practitioners in the area. Renshi McCarthy has been a student of the Heilmans for a long time and he will be celebrating his 25 year with them in 1999.

The Heilman's also visited Sensei Mark Campbell's Dojo in Newnan, Ga. to attend a class and participate in a promotional exam for a couple of Mr. Campbell's students. At this visit, Mr. Campbell presented Renshi McCarthy with a special recognition award (his Crane Footprint Award) for dedication to the arts. Congratulations Renshi McCarthy.


Bethlehem, Pa. - Sensei JOSE JUAN CRUZ and his UNITED ALLIANCE OF SHOTOKAN KARATE-DO sponsored their 1st Annual Traditional Karate-Do Tournament. The event was attended by a number of IKKF members headed by Renshi Dan Rupert. Congratulations to Sensei Cruz for a well run event.


Hamilton Square, N.J. - Senseis JAMES & JULIE KEAHON sponsored an IKKF KOBUDO SEMINAR at the OKINAWAN KARATE ACADEMY in May. The seminar was taught by Hanshi Heilman with the assistance of Mr. James Gouger of the IKKF Honbu. The focus of the training covered both beginning, intermediate and advanced material.


Albuquerque, N.M. - Hanshi JAMES HAWKES, Director of the UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE sponsored a series of IKKF SEMINARS at his JAMES HAWKES KARATE DOJO. The new dojo just recently opened and it is large and beautiful. Congratulations go out to Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes and Mr. and Mrs. Kittell (school owners) on a great new facility.

On Friday, Mr. Heilman taught a JU-JITSU SEMINAR which focused on exploring grappling techniques found within traditional Okinawan kata. The next day a series of KOBUDO SEMINARS were taught by the Heilmans focusing on both long and short weapons at both beginner and advanced levels. On Sunday, an IKKF / USKA Kobudo Testing was held, with four (4) individuals being reviewed for advancement.

The testing was followed by a party held by J.W. Martial Arts (custom weapons makers) which finished off a great visit to New Mexico for the Heilmans. A special "JOB WELL DONE' goes out to Sensei Cassandra Shults who teaches the IKKF Kobudo Program at USKA Headquarters, and to Sensei Sam Shaw who preceded her there.


Trexlertown & Reading, Pa. - Hanshi HEILMAN and Renshi STEVE BAER recently switched teaching assignments and each traveled to the others dojo to teach classes. Hanshi Heilman visited the BAER MARTIAL ARTS CENTER and taught both childrens and adult classes focusing on basics, movement concepts and kata.

Renshi BAER returned the favor by taking charge of the HKA classes and putting the students through an intense workout. It was a fun time for both dojos.


Lehighton, Pa. - Shihan ROBERT NENOW recently held another Karate Tournament which was attended by a number of IKKF members including Mr. & Mrs. Heilman. Congratulations Shihan Nenow on another well run event.


Gettysburg, Pa. - Shihan GEORGE IBERL recently hoisted a banquet honoring Hanshi ANGI UEZU from Okinawa, Japan. Hanshi Uezu, one if not the leading Isshinryu Master, was visiting the States. He had conducted a ISSHINRYU SEMINAR in Gettysburg and also was a Special Guest at Shihan Iberl's tournament. Mr. and Mrs. Heilman were invited to attend the Banquet honoring Hanshi Uezu who looked good and has seemed to recover well from his previous stroke. Best wishes to Uezu Hanshi and congratulations to Iberl Sensei on a very nice Banquet. Hanshi Nick Adler and Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro were also in attendance.


Jacksonville, N.C. - Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo stylist, Kyoshi LARRY ISAAC recently sponsored a visit by Hanshi FUISE KISE from Okinawa, Japan. Kyoshi Isaac a long time friend of the Heilmans, had Kise Sensei in to teach Seminars and be a Honored Guest at his Tournament. Phone communication with Kyoshi Isaac indicated that the visit went off well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to Kyoshi Isaac.


We are pleased to announce that Master Odo's health has improved to permit him to travel to the States for a visit. He had been scheduled to visit last July (to be part of 1997 IKKF Annual Training), but had to cancel due to health concerns.

He recently spent a little over a month in the States visiting selected OKKKF / RKKF dojos / affiliated organizations. The IKKF declined to sponsor a visit at this time, but may look to having Odo Sensei back again in the future. We understand that the visits went well, and we wish Hanshi Odo the best of health.


The UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE will be holding its 1998 WORLD TOURNAMENT from July 23rd to 26th. The multi-day event will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The announcement was recently made by USKA Co-Director, Hanshi Jim Hawkes (IKKF Executive Board Member).

As in the past years, Mr. & Mrs. Heilman will again be attending. Additionally, IKKF Members attending the event will also be putting on a Demonstration for the finals. All in all it should be another great time!


Special GET WELL WISHES go out to the following IKKF members recovery from illnesses.

To Kyoshi ED DUGA who is recovering from knee surgery. We understand the surgery went well and that he is doing well with the recovery and soon will be back kicking and punching again.

Also recovering from a recent surgery is Hanshi JAMES HAWKES who had surgery on his foot. He is recovering well and moved without crutches when the Heilman recently visited New Mexico. Best wishes for his full recovery.

Our special get well wishes and prayers go our to Sensei RICHARD BUTTERBAUGH who suffered a heart attack and underwent bypass surgery. He is recovering and we wish him a full recovery. Mr. Butterbaugh was the 1996 IKKF Humanitarian of the Year Award recipient for his work in the community.


We are pleased to announce that the IKKF Web Page will be expanded to include custom wooden weapons produced by J.W. Martial Arts Supply. This will be a new addition to the current Shureido and KEMCO line of weapons, and will provide out members with a wider range of selection and price options - all the while maintaining the quality and design integrity of the traditional weapons. Look for the inclusion of the new weapons line in our 3rd Qtr. IKKF Web Page Update.


IKKF President Heilman introduced the new patch for the IKKF Renshi-Kai Members. This arm patch is similar to the regular IKKF Patch, but with a red border rather than the standard white one. This upgrade ties in with the "Renshi Kobudo Patch" which also has a red border.


California - Seidokan practitioner Sensei KURT SIEBERr, and IKKF Kobudo Member, recently attended a gathering of Seidokan practitioners at which Hanshi Shian Toma was present. Toma Sensei traveled from Okinawa, Japan to be Guest of Honor at an event sponsored by Sensei Deb Mangone Fragale and her Toma Karate Dojo. Hanshi Toma is the head of the Seidokan Karate and Kobudo system and is know for his Toide techniques.


We are pleased to announce the following individualswho received promotions during the 2nd Quarter of 1998.

A special Yudansha Testing was set up for an IKKF member who will be relocating to Singapore for a two-three year stay.

The following individualsrecently tested for Kobudo Promotions at a IKKF / USKA Testing in Albuquerque, N.M. at USKA Headquarters.

The following individuals tested for ranking at the 1998 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING.

Congratulations to all who successfully tested and received promotions both in New Mexico and Pennsylvania.


We are pleased to announce that a good amount of items were sent to the IKKF Honbu as part of our ongoing GI & MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT DRIVE. A big THANK YOU to those IKKF Dojos and others that contrubuted items to the IKKF's ongoing program.

The purpose of this effort is to collect old, worn uniforms and other equipment which will be repaired and sent to our IKKF Affiliated schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is a great way for dojos to do "public service" and help out others who are less fortunate than you. So look through your closet and pull out those old gis that "shrunk and now do not fit!" - just take off any patches and send the gis in to the IKKF Honbu. Sparring gear and other martial arts related equipment is also accepted.


Mr. & Mrs Heilman recently traveled to Chicago, Illinois to attend a tournament sponsored by Kyoshi JOHN VENSON. Kyoshi Venson, a old time Trias International and Hall of Fame inductee ran an excellent event. Also attending were many other H0F members.


Old friend of the Heilmans and Trias International and Hall of Fame member, Sensei MILT CALANDER from Phoenix, Az. recently stopped by Reading, Pa. for a visit during his summer travels.


We are sorry to announce that "Nakamure The Cat", the spirit of the HKA Dojo has passed away in June. He was 13 years old and will be sorely missed by all who ever visited the dojo and had the pleasure to meet him.


Now is the time to schedule your IKKF KARATE KOBUDO SEMINAR by Hanshi Heilman at your dojo or facility for 1998-99. The IKKF is dedicated to "training, training and more training" and one of the best ways to expand the training experience for your students is to sponsor an IKKF Karate Kobudo Seminar. Hanshi Heilman's schedule is begining to fill up with travels around the world, so plan to to reserve your dates.

Non-IKKF Dojos or Organizations who desire to sponsor a Seminar by Hanshi Heilman should contact IKKF Honbu for more information on costs and requirements.


A new set of Women's Self-Defense Instructor Training Certification Programs have been scheduled for the balance of the 1998-98 season. Please check out our Events Listing for specific dates of the session offerings.

* * * * Hope everyone enjoys this new addition to our IKKF Web Page. Its just another attempt to make this page as useful and informative as possible for our members. Take care and have a great summer!!

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