3rd Quarter, 2000

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


Continuing what has become a summer tradition (16th annual), martial artists from around North America came together for three days of intensive training.

The IKKF is dedicated to providing its members with the best in quality traditional instruction available. In keeping with this philosophy, this years list of Seminar Instructors reads like a "Who's Who" of the traditional arts, and brings together some of the most highly qualified Instructors ever gathered for one training session.

The list of Instructors included: Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman (Okinawa Kenpo); Hanshi Nick Adler (Isshin-ryu); Kyoshi Chuck Merriman (Goju-ryu); Kyoshi Jody Paul (Seidokan), Kyoshi Bill Hayes (Shorin-ryu), Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy (Shihan Miguel Ibarra (Aikijujitsu); Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder (Shorin-ryu); and Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman (Okinawa Kenpo). Other senior participants included: Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro (Isshin-ryu) and Kyoshi Eberhard Welch (Shorin-ryu), Senseis Clarence Murray (Shorin-ryu), Ron Dargan (Okinawa Kenpo) and Tony Annesi (Aikijujitsu).

The training offered concurrent sessions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level participants. The focus of this years training was on "application" - with the various Instructors taking apart traditional Okinawan katas. The "hands on" training was also augmented with lectures on history, bunkai, etc. Also continuing a tradition with the IKKF, a special "weapons fighting" session was held the day before the formal training at the IKKF Honbu in which participants gear up and have the opportunity to fight with a wide range of Okinawan weapons.

A Banquet and Formal Yudansha (Black Belt) Testing was also scheduled as part of the event - but the real focus was ..."training, training and more training!!" ,

Styles represented at this years training included: Okinawa Kenpo, Matasumura Shorin-ryu, Okinawan Seidokan, Okinawan Goju-ryu, Isshin-ryu, Shotokan, Tai Kyon Do, Ju-Jitsu and Aikijujitsu. A total of thirty (30) individuals successfully tested for various Yudansha (black belt) levels in karate-kobudo or kobudo.


At the Annual Training a series of IKKF Annual Awards were presented to:

o IKKF Dojo of The Year - Apsokardu Dojo, Pa.
o IKKF Competitor of the Year - Adult - Cassandra Shults, N.M.
o IKKF Competitor of the Year ­ Child ­ Amy Kleinsmith
o IKKF Humanitarian of the Year ­Sam Shaw, NM.
o IKKF Natile Faith Baer Award ­Richard Butterbaugh, Pa.

Special Appointments included:

o San Ju Nen Kai - Cody Templeton, Larry Isaac, Vic Coffin, Al Louis.
o IKKF Style Head - Charles Toy Shorin-ryu Karate-do - W. Ron McCloskey
o IKKF New Mexico State Representative - Sam Shaw


The following presents an overview of those individuals who successfully tested for and received Yudansha Promotions at recent IKKF events at which a Yudansha Testing Board was convened.

USKA / IKKF Kobudo Testing (Albuquerque, NM):

o PAUL FINLEY, 1st Dan Kobudo
o DEAN JOHNSON, 1st Dan Kobudo
o KERRIE RASMUSSEN, 1st Dan Kobudo


o BRIAN DEGORI, 5th Dan Karate-Kobudo
o RICHARD BUTTERBAUGH, 4th Dan Karate-Kobudo, Renshi (Teachers License)
o TOM WHITE, 3rd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o MARK JORDAN, 3rd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o BARB KOTZ, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o SVEN NICHOLAS, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o MARTIN LOWER, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o DAVID LOCKE, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o JASON BUTCHER, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o RYAN CLOSE, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o DANIEL ROHR, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o DAVID BROWN, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o GARY GUILDIN, 2nd Dan Karate-Kobudo
o W. RON McCLOSKEY, 2nd Dan Kobudo
o MIKE QUIGG, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o DARIUS DENUNZIO, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o DALE OJEA, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o BRANDON CRUTCHFIELD, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o NATHAN WARE, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o MATHEW WEIDNER, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o BRIAN EWE, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o KELLY GLANCY, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o JACK McLAUGHLIN, 1st Dan Kobudo
o TOM O'HARA, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o RICHARD ESWORTHY, 1st Dan Karate-Kobudo
o RON KEBLISH, 1st Dan Kobudo
o CHRISTOPHER J. CAPITANINO, Jr. Black Karate- Kobudo
o ROBERT HUBER, Jr. Black Karate-Kobudo
o TOMMY O'HARA, Jr. Black Karate-Kobudo
o CHRIS OTWELL, Jr. Black Kobudo


Thanks to the efforts of Isshinryu stylist and IKKF Kobudo Division Member, Kyoshi MARILYN FIERRO, this years IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING was taped for Cable TV. Six hours of raw footage was shot which will be edited down into a series of 3-4 half hour shows produced for Cable TV.

Kyoshi Fierro produces and directs a Cable TV Show entitled "TAKING CHARGE" which is aired on Long Island Cablevision (Channel 25 in New York). Kyoshi Fierro has produced a wide variety of excellent shows on various martial arts events and topics.

For information on how to view and / or purchase a copy of her "TAKING CHARGE" programs, please visit: "http://members.aol.com/mstymtn/karate/t_charge.htm", or phone (515) 265-9062. Her web site includes "clips" from various Taking Charge Shows. Again, thank you Kyoshi Fierro for your efforts in bringing a new level of professionalism and exposure to the traditional martial arts.


We are pleased to announce that at the full line of IKKF VIDEO TRAINING TAPES are now available. Eight new tapes were introduced at Winter Camp and the remaining four introduced at this years Annual Training.

The additional tapes were produced by SOMA VIDEO PRODUCTIONS (SVP). SVP is owned and operated by IKKF Kobudo Member, Kurt Sieber, Greensburg, Pa. SVP also produced the 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING HIGHLIGHT TAPE, which has received excellent reviews for its quality and composition.

The additional 12 tapes augment our existing 13 tape set produced by PANTHER PRODUCTIONS. Combined these tapes completely covers the basic material found within the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Koryu Kan system taught under the IKKF Program.

The tapes will be available to IKKF members with the majority of the tapes designed to provide material for the Renshi (Teacher Level) IKKF Members. The tapes will be marketed through the IKKF Web Page.


The 1999 UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held again in New Orleans, LA. The three day event (July 27 - 30th) is expected to be well attended and smoothly run.

USKA/ IKKF members Cassandra Shults, Chris Otwell and Mr. Heilman will again be defending their World Grand Championships looking for another repeat (Womens black Belt Sparring, Youth Champion, and Weapons Champion, respectively.

Don't forget to check out the USKA's new Web Site at "www.uska.net".


Kyoshi EBERHARD WELCH, Shorin-ryu Shorinkan, will be sponsoring his 13th Annual All Okinawan / Japanese Traditional Tournament & Seminar in Washington, D.C. The event is scheduled for November 9-12, 2000 and will feature Hanshi SHUGORO NAKAZATO as the Special Guest Instructor. Hanshi Nakazato will be assisted by three of his top students - Hanshi YONAMINE, 9th Dan; Kyoshi's KINJO & IFUKU, 8th Dans. For more information contact Kyoshi Welch at (301) 559-3400.



It is with sadness that we again find ourselves announcing the passing of more of the old masters.


Hanshi Shintani, 9th Dan, Wado-ryu Karate passed away in May of this year. Shintani Sensei was head of the Shintani Wado-Kai Federation, an organization of over 15,000 members. He was truly a remarkable and talented practitioner who will be sorely missed. He also served as a member of the IKKF Executive Board and was one of the Founding Members of the World Union Of Martial Arts Federations (WUMOF).


Master Yamazaki, Director of the Sakugawa Koshiki Shorinjiryu Karatedo, died April 25th in Sendai, Japan. Cause of death was congestive heart and kidney failure. He was the teacher of IKKF member Tom Cauley for over 33 years.


Master Tamotsu, Head of Shorinji-ryu Renshinkan Karate-do in Kagoshima, Japan recently passed away. Tamotsu Sensei died on May 31st from complications caused by cancer.


Master Teruo Kono, 8th Dan, was one of the Pioneers of Wado-ryu. He was Chief Instructor in Germany and one-time president of the Federation of European Wado Kai.


IKKF Kobudo division member Kyoshi ED DUGA , has recently been promoted by his instructor Hanshi TOMA, Okinawa, Japan, to the rank of 8th Dan, Seidokan Karate & Kobudo.


USKA and IKKF member TOM PISUT, recently underwent bypass surgery and is recovering. Pisut Sensei, a Shuri-ryu stylist under the late Robert Trias was one of the initial "Trias International" inductees and also a member of the Alliance Hall of Fame.


Hanshi GEORGE IBERL sponsored the 4th Annual Okinawa Isshinryu Karate Kobudo Association's Hall Of Fame Banquet. The event was held on May 6th in Gettysburg, PA. The event was attended by a "Who's Who" of Isshinryu practitioners in the States. The goal of the event is to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the study and teaching of Isshinryu. The Heilmans were in attendance as the only non-Isshinryu invited guests, and it was a great opportunity to renew old friendships.


Hanshi JAMES HAWKES, Co-Director of the USKA sponsored the Heilmans to Albuquerque, New Mexico to conduct a series of Seminars on Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo and Ju-Jitsu. The Ju-jitsu Seminar focused on defense against weapons, and Kobudo Seminars were conducted on both short and long weapons. A Formal USKA / IKKF Kobudo Testing was also conducted. Special thanks goes out to IKKF Sensei's Sam Shaw (7th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Kobudo) and Cassandra Shults (4th Dan Karate, 3rd Dan Kobudo) who are responsible for the success of the IKKF Kobudo Program in New Mexico.


Cidra, Puerto Rico - IKKF President C. Bruce Heilman was honored by the Municipal Government of Cidra, Puerto Rico and proclaimed "Distinguished Visitor" to the City of Cidra. The Proclamation was made on March 5th by the Honorable Angel L. Malave' Zayas, Mayor.

Hanshi Heilman was in Puerto Rico for a week teaching various Kobudo Seminars. The trip was sponsored by Renshi JOSE CRUZ (5th Dan Shotokan, 3rd Dan Kobudo) and his United Alliance of Shotokan Karate-do (UASK).


The 2000 USKA Nationals & Annual Seminars were held in April in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event was hoisted by USKA Co-Director Hanshi JAMES HAWKES. The Heilmans were Seminar Guest Instructors teaching Okinawan Kobudo, with Shihan FUMIO DEMURA teaching Karate Seminars.

The tournament was well attended and run well. IKKF Members acquitted themselves well with the following results.

o C. Bruce Heilman - Grand Champion BB Weapons, 1st Masters Weapons & 3rd Masters Kata
o Greg Holmes - 1st BB Weapons, 4th BB Kata, 1st Grappling
o Cassandra Shults - 1st Womens BB Kumite, 2nd Womens BB Kata
o Amanda Bolton - 1st Womens BB Weapons
o Chris Otwell - Jr. Grand Champion Weapons, 1st Jr. BB Kata,1st Jr. BB Weapons, 4th Jr. BB Kumite
o Dan Rupert - 4th Masters Weapons
o Sue Hawkes - 1st Womens BB Kata, 4th Womens BB Weapons
o Chris Hawkes - 2nd Mens BB Kumite
o Paul Finley - 2nd Mens Brown Belt Kata, 4th Kumite
o Kyle Thompson - 1st Senior Kyu Kumite
o Amanda Becker - 4th Girls Kumite


This section is dedicated to three members of the IKKF Family who recently passed away.


These two young children were member of the Mt. Pleasant Martial Arts Center run by Tom and Michele Apsokardu. Vince N. Marasco and Julia R. Marasco were 9 and 8 years young respectively. They were tragic victims of a sad domestic violence situation. As the two children were scheduled to test for their Junior Black Belts at this years Annual Training, a special ceremony was held for them at the Annual Banquet at which their Junior Black Belts were presented to their mother Lea M. Marasco in their honor. A special section of the IKKF Web Page has been set up in Memorial - "http://www.ikkf.org/news.html".


A long time participant at IKKF Trainings, Ms. CHARLENE PAULL will be sorely missed. She was a Isshinryu Black Belt student for over 20 years of Kyoshi JAMES KEAHON in New Jersey. Sensei Paull had also achieved her Yudansha Certification in Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo. She passed away on July 3rd from cancer of the pancreas. In tribute to the memory of Ms. Paull, a moment of silent meditation was held both at the Annual Training as well as the Annual Banquet this year. Also a special "Memorial page" has been set up on the IKKF Web page - "http://www.ikkf.org/news.html".


The 2000 IKKF FALL KOBUDO CAMP is scheduled for October 21st - 22nd. The event will again be held at The Cloister's at St. Joseph's in Reading, Pennsylvania. The focus of this annual event is totally on Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo and training is offered for Kyu, Yudansha and Instructor levels. As usual, the opportunity for "weapons kumite" will also be available - one of the hall marks of the IKKF Kobudo Program.


At the 2000 IKKF Annual Training, a meeting of the IKKF Renshi Kai was held. As a result of the suggestions coming out of the meeting, Hanshi Heilman has decided to adopt the following changes to improve operations or to clarify procedures.

o Guest Instructors for Seminars - Consideration will be made for a reduction of the number of Guest Instructors at Annual Trainings. While our current structure is excellent, it does not provide sufficient time to work with the various Guest Instructors, who all expressed the desire to teach more sessions. We will be looking at "rotating Guest Instructors" between our Annual Trainings and Winter Camps.

o Training Session Scheduling - The annual Spring Yudansha Karate Camp will be discontinued and replaced with a "Renshi (Instructor) Training" to be held at the IKKF Honbu. Rescheduling of the Annual Training to June will be looked into to remove its conflict with the 4th of July as currently scheduled.

o Yudansha Testing at Trainings - In order to clarify policy, it will from this time forward, be required for individuals going up for Yudansha Testing at either Winter Camp or Annual Training to attend said event.

o Minimum Membership Time For Yudansha Testing Consideration - It was decided that a minimum of three years active membership in the IKKF will be required to be eligible for the standard IKKF Karate-Kobudo or Kobudo student of an IKKF Chartered Dojo. For those Yudansha individuals transitioning into the Karate-Kobudo or Kobudo Program, a minimum of 2 years active membership will be required. Any exceptions to this policy will be only at the discretion of Hanshi Heilman. This puts the responsibility upon Dojo Heads to extend extra effort to assure that ALL of their dojo members are active members of the Federation. It was suggested that membership in the Federation be made part of the initial enrolment package for each new dojo student.

o IKKF Renshi-Kai Digest - Hanshi Heilman thanked Renshi Rupert for setting up and serving as the Digest Moderator for the new IKKF Renshi-Kai Digest. The discussion forum has been established on eGroups and is expected to help further communication between Renshi-Kai members. Membership is limited to IKKF Renshi-Kai members only.

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