2nd Quarter, 1999

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


JACKSONVILLE, N.C. - With all the political infighting that seems to be the norm these days, it is always nice to relate that gatherings based upon friendship, sharing and having nothing to do with politics do happen from time to time.

A recent weekend in February was one such time. Mr. Larry Isaac sponsored a traditional Okinawan / Japanese Tournament in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Attending the event were numerous seniors (Kyoshi's and Hanshi's) from a number of traditional styles - all gathered in friendship and sharing. Not only did the tournament run well with some excellent competition, but the "off-tournament gathering times" (dinners, parties, etc.) were also a sight to see with the "old timers" talking, and sharing their "war stories" to the wee hours of the morning.

Of particular note, was the gathering of some of the key Okinawa Kenpo seniors in the States. The Okinawa Kenpo system (not unlike any other system) has had its share of politics in the past and to have such individuals as Kyoshi Vic Coffin (South Carolina), Kyoshi Al Louis (Florida), Kyoshi Larry Isaac (North Carolina), Kyoshi George Epps (Virginia) and Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman and Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman (Pennsylvania), along with Renshi Ron Dargan (Okinawa / now N.C.), and Yudansha Criss Coffin and Renee Louis, The gathering was something of a unique event. Also a couple of promotions were announced, the key ones being Mr. Larry Isaac's promotion to Hanshi, 9th Dan which was recently made by Hanshi Kise during Mr. Isaac's recent trip to Okinawa, Mr. Coffin's promotion to 8th Dan, and Mr. Dargan's promotion to 6th Dan. Congratulations to these three excellent martial artists on their promotions.

In closing, the gathering was what we all wish for in the arts and what it truly always should be like - practitioners coming together to share and grow together - it was a great time for all present.


As we start another new year, its again time for 1999 RENEWALS for Individuals and Dojos.

Renewal forms have been sent out to IKKF Dojos and Organizations for their use. The fees for renewals remain unchanged from last year. Individuals and Dojo Heads can also now download the necessary application forms from the internet off of our IKKF Web Page.

We appreciate your continued support as an active member of the IKKF family.


ALBUQUERQUE, NM. - USKA Director Hanshi JAMES HAWKES, recently announced that the 1999 USKA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT AND ANNUAL SEMINARS will be moved from California back to New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM is the headquarters for the Alliance. The Heilman's will again be Guest Instructors teaching Okinawan Kobudo at the Annual Seminars. An additional Guest Instructor will be Shihan Fumio Demura teaching a Karate Seminar.

As normal, it is expected that a IKKF/ USKA Kobudo Testing will be scheduled as part of the event. USKA members interested in going up for Certification Review should contact USKA Headquarters for mor information.

The event is scheduled for March 26-28, 1999.



READING, PA. - The IKKF 1999 WINTER CAMP was held on January 23-24th. The event was held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's, in Reading. Instructors for the 1999 IKKF Winter Camp included: Hanshi & Kyoshi Heilman, Kyoshi Jody Paul, Sensei Jose Cruz, Sensei Cody Templeton, and Mr. Forrest Morgan.

The two day training focused on both karate and kobudo for all levels. Of particular significance were sessions on Toide by Kyoshi Jody Paul, in which the differences between the approaches of Uehara and Toma Sensei were presented.

Sensei Cody Templeton gave an excellent lecture / practice session on Shiatsu and its relevance to martial arts practitioners.

A highlight of the weekend training was a lecture by Mr. Forrest Morgan (the author of "Living The Martial Way"). Mr. Morgan's lecture focused on "teaching the martial arts" and was a real eye opener for all attending. A surprise celebration was also in order in which a special "cake" was presented to Mr. Morgan to celebrate his recently completing his requirements for his PhD Degree.


As part of the 1999 IKKF Winter Camp a Formal Yudansha Testing was held at the IKKF Honbu in Reading, Pa. Individuals coming before the IKKF Review Board (comprised of IKKF Renshi Kai members and Guest Instructors) ranged from Junior Black Belts to Nidan.

A total of 11 individuals participated in the promotional review with the following individuals successfully completing the testing and receiving promotions.

o Amy Kleinsmith - Junior Black Belt , Karate & Kobudo
o Greg Baer - Junior Black Belt, Karate & Kobudo
o Sven Nicholas - Shodan, Karate & Kobudo
o Tom Culotta - Shodan, Karate & Kobudo
o Nick Bompensa - Shodan, Karate & Kobudo
o Tom Bompensa - Shodan, Karate & Kobudo
o Mel McCabe - Nidan, Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo
o Robert Nenow - Nidan, Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo

Congratulations to the above individuals on their accomplishment.


In January, Shihan Robert Nenow sponsored an IKKF Kobudo Seminar at his dojo in Lehighton, Pa. The Seminar was taught by Renshi Dan Rupert, a member of the IKKF Renshi Kai. Shihan Nenow is a member of the Kobudo Division of the IKKF and has recently tested for and received his Nidan in Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo. The annual training held at the Nenow Dojo was a success with the focus being the requirements up and through Nidan level.


The Heilman's annual Texas Kobudo Seminar was held on February 13. The event was hosted by Sabu (Master) Keith Macy of Flower Mound, Texas. Approximately 40 individuals participated in the training, including Mr. Sam Shaw from Albuquerque, N.M.

The Heilmans conducted sessions on Breakfalls and Groundfighting , beginning and advanced kobudo focusing on Bo, Sai, Tunfa, Nunchaku and Tekkos. The Heilmans also conducted a short demonstration for the seminar participants demonstrating eiku and kama and bo.

The event also was the "kick-off" Sabu Macy's new Tae Kwon Do association - the MYUNG MOON MOODO RYU ASSOCIATION. The new association is dedicated to bringing back traditional TKD. Hanshi Heilman was named to the position of MMMRA Executive Board Chairman. Other Board Members include Kyoshi Heilman, and Sabum (Licensed Instructor) Mike Knisel, Sabum Dale Jensen, Dr. Ken Balkus, Mr. Mike Ferguson and Mrs. Barbara Schwartz.

Mr. Macy, as the new President of the MMMRA also announced appointments to the MMMRA Sabum Kai. The appointees were Sabu Keith Macy, and Sambums Mike Knisel, Oscar Sanchez and Dale Jensen. Mr. Heilman then presented a Special Recognition Certificate to Mr. Macy, acknowledging his recent promotion to 6th Dan (TKD) by the Central Texas TKD Council.. It was another great visit to the Dallas, Texas area and it was nice to see the IKKF Kobudo program growing - good job Mr. Macy.


At the end of February, the Heilman's had a great weekend visit to Baltimore, Md. to attend a weekend gathering of a small group of martial artists coming together to engage in general discussions of various martial arts topics. The event was called a "Martial Arts Renaissance Discussion", and was sponsored by Martial Arts Author Forrest Morgan (Living The Martial Way). Discussions covered such diverse topics such as "Definitional Issues, Traditionalism, Legitimacy, Cultural Differences, Code of Ethics, etc." among others. Arts represented included Okinawan Karate & Kobudo, Danzenryu Jujitsu, Hakkoryu Jujitsu, Special Forces Combative Techniques, & Tae Kwon Do. Basically, this type of event was a "special Training For The Mind" - thank you Mr. Morgan.


We have recently been informed by email from Mr. Spain in Okinawa that Master Odo has recently taken a new position that ..."Master Odo has no association with and provides no support to Okinawa Kenpo individuals or organizations that are not members of his new Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Renmei".

Even though no official written or verbal communication has been received from Master Odo personally resigning his position as a member of the IKKF Executive Board (which he has served since his acceptance in a letter dated 12/14/91), it is assumed that is his intent, and we have therefore acknowledged his new position and have therefore removed him as an active member of the IKKF Executive Board.

As President of the IKKF and a past personal student, I wish to thank Master Odo for his support and direction offered in the years past and to wish him well with his new RKKF organization.



It is with sadness that we announce the passing of a father of one of our IKKF Yudansha

. o CARLO PRONIO - is the father of Renshi Carla Pronio (Goju-ryu Karate and IKKF Kobudo), who passed away recently. Carlo was in his early 70's and was very active until his recent heart problems. He operated the Weight Training and Gymnastic Program at Sensei Pronio's Dojo in Shenandoah, Pa. He was an inspiration to all who had the pleasure to know him.


o CARLA PRONIO - Shenandoah, Pa. - Sensei Pronio is recovering from a recent surgery. Our wishes are with her for a full recovery.

o DOUG HOOVER'S FATHER - Altoona, Pa. - Renshi Doug Hoover's father recently was hopsitalized with a heart problem. He is now home recovering at home.

o DAN RUPERT'S FATHER - Reading, Pa. - Renshi Dan Rupert's father had been hospitalized recently for hip surgery and other complications. He is recovering at home at this time.


Special Congratulations go out to a number of IKKF members who are currently expecting.

o TOM & MICHELE APSOKARDU - are expecting their first child in April. The Apsokardu's are Yudansha students of Hanshi Heilman and operate their own dojo, the Mt. Pleasant Martial Arts Center in Bernville, Pa.

o JEREMY & HEATHER SCHOENER are expecting their first child as well. Mr. Schoener is a Yudansha student of Hanshi Heilman and teaches the Ju-Jitsu Program at the Honbu.

o JAMES AND JULIE KEAHON - are expecting their second child. The Keahons are IKKF Kobudo Members and operate the Okinawan Karate Academy in Lawrenceville, N.J.


o JAMES KEAHON - not only is he an expecting father, but he also recently received a promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate. The promotion was made by his instructor, Hanshi Gary Alexander. Mr. Keahon is a member of the IKKF Kobudo Division.

o LARRY ISAAC - Old time Okinawa Kenpo practitioner and friend of Mr. Heilman, Mr. Isaac recently received a promotion to Hanshi, 9th Dan from Hanshi Kise during a recent visit to Okinawa.

o VICTOR COFFIN - Another old time friend of Mr. Heilman, Kyoshi Coffin recently received a promotion to 8th Dan, Okinawa Kenpo at Hanshi Isaac's Traditional Tournament recently.

o RON DARGAN - Renshi Ron Dargan, recently returned from another tour of Okinawa received a promotion to 6th Dan, Okinawa Kenpo from Hanshi Isaac.


It is a great honor to announce that four independent Okinawa Kenpo Groups have recently come together to form a united front for the preservation of the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system. The new organization is named the "OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO UNION".

The Okinawa Kenpo system founded by the late Shigeru Nakamura in 1953, and currently having Seikichi Odo as its leading practitioner, has a direct lineage which can be traced back to 1733. The system (not unlike most other Okinawan or Japanese systems) has had its share of politics and organizational problems in the past, and to have a coming together or four of its major practitioners in the States is truly a historic and positive event for unity and future growth for a portion of the Okinawa Kenpo system.

The OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO UNION has been established to provide a framework for the propagation of the traditional art of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo in an atmosphere of common respect, professionalism and fraternity. The OKKKU is not open to individual or dojo members, but rather is structured to service member organizations.

The Founding Member Organizations of the OKKKU include the following:

Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, President
(Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Koryu Kan)

Hanshi Larry Isaac, President
(Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo Karate Shina-Ryu)

Kyoshi Vic Coffin, President
(Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Kesshin Kan)

Kyoshi Al Louis, President
(Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Shudokan)

The OKKKU has been structured to have a set of Officers which include: President and a Board Of Directors. Further the OKKKU was established to respect the Sovereignty of the Member Organizations, the Legitimacy of their respective Ryu or Kan, and to further Standardization of the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system (minimum ranking requirements, and criteria for the Issuance of teachers licenses).


- Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, 9th Dan, Director & President
- Hanshi Larry Isaac, 9th Dan, Director
- Kyoshi Vic Coffin, 8th Dan, Director
- Kyoshi Al Louis, 7th Dan, Director


- Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, 7th Dan, Assist. Director
- Renshi Chris Coffin, 6th Dan, Assist. Director
- Renshi Renee Louis, 5th Dan, Assist. Director

The Administrative Headquarters for the OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO UNION is to be in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The purpose for the existence of the OKKKU is not for political or monetary purposes, but for the propagation of the traditional art of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo within this framework. Thus in light of this fact, membership in the OKKKU is limited to the Founding Organizations only. No individual members or dojos will be accepted for membership in the OKKKU, but rather any new individuals / dojos, etc. coming into the OKKKU must come under one of the existing Founding Organizations. Further, it is not the intent of the OKKKU to establish a new patch as part of its identity. The use of the "kanji" for "Okinawa Kenpo" on the front of the Yudansha uniform will continue to identify our focus to the Okinawa Kenpo system. Members of the Founding Organizations will have the opportunity to secure OKKKU Certificates for Yudansha Rank Recognition, and Teacher License Recognition, once those individuals have received said certification from their respective organization and upon the written request of the Organization Head. Only a nominal fee will be charged (fee to cover cost of materials, record keeping and mailing).

More information on the new OKKKU and its relationship to the IKKF will be presented in the 2nd Quarter Update of the IKKF Web Page. A special OKKKU Web Page will be established, as a subsection of the IKKF Web Page and linked to each of the Founding Organization Members. The new OKKKU Web Page will present an overview of its Organizational Structure, a copy of the OKKKU Protocol, Organizational Bylaws, and brief bios on each of the Founding Organizations.

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