2nd Quarter, 1998

This is our first attempt at including information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. With the future update of our pagemaker software we plan to be able to reproduce the entire newsletter (text & pictures) in this section. Hope you enjoy it.


READING, PA. - March 21-22nd, was the date for the 1998 IKKF Spring Camp. The event was held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's.

The major focus of the training was to Karate and Aikijujitsu. Instructors for the training included: Mr. & Mrs. Heilman (Okinawa Kenpo), Shihan Miguel Ibarra Aikijujitsu), and Sensei Jose Juan Cruz (Shotokan). Participants came from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, & Germany.

The training was open to all belt levels and divided into beginner/ intermediate, black belt and Instructor levels. According to Hanshi Heilman, the purpose of this training was to focus on improving technical excellence through strong basics.

Hanshi Heilman started off the training by addressing a session on "universal basic concepts" to all levels. Sensei Heilman presented his viewpoint that all karate (or martial arts in general) can be divided into two categories - good and bad. There also exists two categories of "excellence" - technical correctness and stylistic correctness. In "good karate" the two categories overlap, and in bad karate stylistic correctness is in conflict with technical correctness. As we all share one human body type, the basic concepts of maximizing our body power, bone alignment, etc. become the standardized common (or universal) basic concepts.

Sensei Cruz taught excellent sessions on basics and various one step drills which were a big success. His execution of stancing and movement is superb and a joy to watch. We look forward to having Sensei Cruz back as a Guest Instructor in future IKKF trainings.

Ibarra Sensei instructed both beginner and advanced sessions on balance control and throwing techniques. As usual Shihan Ibarra's teaching methods and techniques are excellent and a favorite of our IKKF Seminar participants.

The key instruction for the seminar was the in-depth review of breath kats for the participants. The kata Sanchin was taught / reviewed for all participants, with the kata, Tensho reserved for the Black Belt participants. Both breath theory, and applications (bunkai) were covered in this instruction.


It is with sadness that we announce the passing of another great martial artist - Shihan OSAMU OZAWA.

Sensei Ozawa died unexpectedly from complications of pneumonia on the morning of April 15, 1998. He was seventy-two years old. Ozawa Sensei was born in Kobe, Japan on November 25th, 1925. After graduating from Hosei University in Tokyo, he worked as an interpreter for the Allied Occupation, and then became Broadcasting Director for Osaka Television. Sensei Ozawa was the first JKA Instructor to open a dojo in the Kansai region, and was the Chief Instructor of the JKA Kansai. He immigrated to the USA in 1964 and opened a dojo in Las Vegas. His annual Las Vegas traditional tournament attracted hundreds of competitors each year. Sensei Ozawa was the most senior Shotokan Instructor in the States.

The Heilman's had the privilege of meeting and working out with Ozawa Sensei on a couple of occasions over the years and found his to be a "treasure" - he will surely be missed by all traditional martial artists.


Hanshi Heilman, President (Kaicho) of the IKKF is pleased to announce the adoption of a unique "kan" for the version of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo taught under the IKKF Program.

As most of our Okinawa Kenpo members are aware, the previous "kan" used by Sensei Heilman was that of his teacher - Seikichi Odo. Master Odo's kan was "Shudokan" - which meant "one way keep straight". With the non-affiliation of the IKKF to the OKKKF organization two years ago, the reference to "Shudokan" was dropped by the IKKF - as we were no longer "directly affiliated" with Master Odo and it would not be correct to continue to use his "kan" to describe his program. Thus during this time, the Okinawa Kenpo art taught by the IKKF was just referred to as "Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo", and our lineage as the "Odo Lineage".

With the recent developments at the beginning of 1998 of Master Odo renaming his art to "Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu" and his organization to the "Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Federation" (RKKF), our previous way of describing the IKKF Program no longer seems to be appropriate. In light of the name change by Master Odo, combined with the promotion of Mr. Heilman to Hanshi last year, it would therefore be appropriate at this time to distinguish the IKKF Program. In this manner any confusion between the IKKF's Okinawa Kenpo program and others out there (by Taketo Nakamura, Toshimitsu Kina, Seijiro Maehara on Okinawa, as well as other senior students of Master Odo who also left the OKKKF / RKKF organizational structure).

From this point forward, the IKKF's Okinawa Kenpo program will be formally called "Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Koryu Kan". The term "koryu kan" translates to "school of the old ways", which is ideally suited to the philosophy of the IKKF in "preserving the old ways" which has been our IKKF motto since its establishment in 1991. As it is also Hanshi Heilman's desire and intent to expand the weapons program by the introduction of additional traditional weapons forms into the IKKF Program (from the Matayoshi and Taira lineages) in the future, the use of "Koryu Kan" to distinguish the IKKF Program is even more appropriate.

As a final note, Mr. Heilman has a matter of professional courtesy, discussed the IKKF adoption of this "kan" with Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy (President of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society and IKKF Executive Board Member) who uses the name "Koryu" to describe the style of old Okinawan Martial Arts he teaches - and has received his support and approval for its use.

The formal introduction of "Koryu Kan" by the IKKF will not result in any changes to our patches, certificates, obis, etc.

It is with a humble "thank you" to all of those who have guided and formed the IKKF Program over the years, and especially to Mr. Heilman's teachers ( Sensei Talbot, the late Hanshi Trias and Hanshi Odo) that we now formally introduce to all - the IKKF's new "kan" - "OKINAWA KENPO KARATE KOBUDO KORYU KAN".


IKKF Executive Board member, Hanshi George Alexander hoisted his Annual ISKKF Seminar on February 20-22, 1998. The training was held in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event was also coordinated with the Morikami Japanese Festival which is held at the same time and at which the Masters demonstrated. It was a great weekend of training, a Sushi/Sake Party, Kabuki Dancers, Taiko Drummers and more!!

Guest Instructors for the event included: Hanshi George Alexander, 8th Dan, Shorin-ryu; Hanshi Ken Penland, 10th Dan Jujitsu; Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, 9th Dan, Okinawa Kenpo; Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, 7th Dan, Okinawa Kenpo.

A highlight of the event was the announcement of the promotion of Mr. Alexander in Jujitsu by his instructor Hanshi Penland. Hanshi Penland made the promotion at the end of the sushi party at the ISKKF Honbu. Mr. Alexander was promoted to 9th Dan, Hanshi in Shorinji Ryu Ju Jitsu. Congratulations, Alexander Sensei on your promotion.


The United States Karate Alliance held its 1998 NATIONALS TOURNAMENT AND ANNUAL SEMINAR from February 27th to March 1st. The multi-day event was held at Riverside, California. The event was sponsored by USKA Co-Director Hanshi James Hawkes (also IKKF Executive Board member).

As in past years, Mr. & Mrs. Heilman along with Shihan Fumio Demura and Shihan Karl Marx, were the Guest Instructors for the Annual Seminars. The Heilmans conducted a series of Kobudo Seminars. Demura Sensei conducted one of his excellent seminars on Karate basics, which is highly recommended to anyone who gets the opportunity. Shihan Marx taught one of his famous Fighting seminars.

The USKA National Tournament was excellent as usual with a lot of strong competition in all areas - kata, fighting and weapons. All in all an excellent week end of training and competition. Additionally, an IKKF/USKA Kobudo Testing was held, with four individuals passing their testing for Nidan in Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo.


From March 6-10th, Hanshi Heilman accompanied Sensei Jose Cruz to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This was Hanshi Heilman's first visit to the "Enchanted Island".

Sensei Cruz is President and Chief Instructor of the UNITED ALLIANCE OF SHOTOKAN KARATE DO with dojos in the States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Sensei Cruz's UASK is affiliated with the IKKF and teaches the IKKF Kobudo Program.

Hanshi Heilman taught a series of weapons seminars for both beginner and advanced students. The Seminars were held in Cedras, in the central portion of the island. The IKKF members in Puerto Rico were great and Mr. Heilman looks forward to many return visits in the future and an ever growing IKKF Kobudo Program there.


Hanshi Nick Adler, President of the NICK ADLER'S CENTURIONS, held his Annual Centurion Winter Camp March 13-15th. The event was held in New Jersey and focused on Isshin-ryu Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. The Heilman's were in attendance as Guest Instructors. Mr. Heilman taught sessions covering the tekkos, sai & tunfa.

It was another successful training event for Hanshi Adler and his senior staff of Chief Instructors (including Kyoshis Marilyn Fierro and Tommy May). Hanshi Adler's organization is affiliated with the IKKF and he also serves as a member of the IKKF Executive Board.


From March 27-30th, the Heilmans were again on the road - this time traveling to the Dallas, Texas area. The sponsor for the visit was Sensei Keith Macy, a Tae Kwon Do stylist and Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo practitioner. Mr. Macy's school, the FLOWER MOUND MARTIAL ARTS, is located in Flower Mound, Texas.

The Heilmans taught a series of Kobudo Seminars focusing on the bo, sai, tunfa, nunchaku and tekkos. In addition, Mr. Heilman also taught a Groundfighting Seminar in which the participants were introduced to breakfalls, ground on-guard positions, ground movement, ground attacks and defense techniques, and practical applications against single and multiple opponents. It was a fun time for all participants.

During the visit the Heilmans had an opportunity to visit the "Kennedy Museum at the School Book Depository Building" in Dallas - it was a truly moving experience.

A big WELCOME is extended to Mr. Macy and his dojo on becoming a IKKF Registered Dojo. Also a big welcome to those members of his dojo who are involved with the IKKF Kobudo Program.


On March 28-29th, Sensei Ron McCloskey sponsored Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder to instruct Session # 3 of the IKKF Women's Self-Defense Instructor Certification Program. The training was held in Claysville, Pa. The training went from 8:30 - 4:00pm on Saturday and from 9:00 to Noon on Sunday.


On April 11th, the Heilman's attended a tournament sponsored by Sensei Vince Ward and John & Janice Weninger. The event brought out a number of "old timers" including: John Hamilton (Shorin-ryu), John Weninger (Pai Lum), Pat Byrnes (Shotokan), Tris Sutrisno (Shotokan), Ron Martin (Goju-ryu), & Joe Bragg (Goshin-Jitsu). It was nice to see many of our old friends and it brought back old memories - like Mrs. H. mentioning having competed in the very same gym 30 years ago!


The UNITED STATES KARATE ALLIANCE will be holding its 1998 WORLDS TOURNAMENT from July 23rd to 26th. The multi-day event will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The announcement was recently made by USKA Co-Director, Hanshi Jim Hawkes (IKKF Executive Board Member).

As in the past years, Mr. & Mrs. Heilman will again be attending. Additionally, IKKF Members attending the event will also be putting on a Demonstration for the finals. All in all it should be another great time!


We are pleased to announce that the following individuals recently tested for Yudansha Promotions at the IKKF / USKA Kobudo Testing held in Riverside, California as part of the 1998 United States Karate Alliance Nationals and Annual Seminar.

Congratulations to the above individuals on successful completion of the formal testing before a IKKF Testing Review Board.


Summer will soon be here and with it will come our 1998 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING. This years event will again be held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's in Reading, Pa. The event will run from July 10-12th, and be structured in a concurrent multiple session format like last years. We are pleased to have in attendance another great line up of Guest Instructors which should make it another event - NOT TO MISS! Feedback from participants at last years event was that it was one of the best we ever sponsored! - and it is our intent to try to make this years event even better!

Also, there will be a Formal Yudansha Testing scheduled. The Yudansha Testing will be held Friday evening at The Cloisters. All IKKF Dojo Heads who have students they wish to have tested need to send a written request along with the resume of the individual for testing. Members of the IKKF Renshi-Kai will comprise the Review Board for the Yudansha Testing.

A detailed brochure on the 1998 IKKF Annual Training will be mailed out shortly. Also additional information and registration form can be obtained directly from our IKKF Web Page - "Annual Training" section. SEE YOU THERE!!


Just a reminder to all Dojos, Affiliated Organizations and Individuals, that your renewals for 1998 are due as of the first of the year. New forms for 1998 had been sent out to IKKF Dojos and Organizations for their use. Any Dojos or Individuals not having sent in their 1998 renewals by the end of April will be dropped from the active listing. So if you have any outstanding renewals, please forward them to the Hombu.

If current or additional copies of the renewal applications are needed, please stop by our IKKF Web Page which now contains the necessary forms which can be downloaded for your convenience.


Just a reminder to IKKF Dojos and others that the IKKF still has its ongoing GI & MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT DRIVE. The purpose of this effort is to collect old, worn uniforms and other equipment which will be repaired and sent to our IKKF Affiliated schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is a great way for dojos to do "public service" and help out others who are less fortunate than you. So look through your closet and pull out those old gis that "shrunk and now do not fit!" - just take off any patches and send the gis in to the IKKF Honbu. Sparring gear and other martial arts related equipment is also accepted.


A special congratulations goes out to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Schoener. Jeremy and Heather were married April 18th, 1998. Mr. Schoener is a Black Belt at the IKKF Honbu and the Instructor of the Ju-Jitsu Program at the HKA.


Two new IKKF items are being readied for introduction at this years ANNUAL TRAINING. The first is a small IKKF Pin. The IKKF Pin will be suitable for jackets and suits.

Also a new IKKF shoulder patch will be introduced for IKKF Renshi-Kai members. The patch is the same as the current IKKF patch with the exception that the outside border is in red rather than white. The IKKF Renshi-Kai Patch will be distributed to IKKF Renshi-Kai members at this years Annual Training.


Now is the time to schedule your IKKF KARATE KOBUDO SEMINAR by Hanshi Heilman at your dojo or facility for 1998. The IKKF is dedicated to "training, training and more training" and one of the best ways to expand the training experience for your students is to sponsor an IKKF Karate Kobudo Seminar. Hanshi Heilman's schedule is begining to fill up with travels around the world, so plan to to reserve your dates.

Non-IKKF Dojos or Organizations who desire to sponsor a Seminar by Hanshi Heilman should contact IKKF Honbu for more information on costs and requirements.

Lets all work to make 1998 the best year yet for training!!


As mentioned in the last issue of this newsletter, major step has been taken by the State of Pennsylvania in a new attempt to regulate martial arts schools. Starting with the begining of 1998, schools in the State have been receiving "subpoenas" from the State Attorney General's office asking for various records of operation. Apparently the State is moving toward trying to regulate martial arts schools under the existing Health Club Act, which was recently ammended last fall. The IKKF Honbu (the Heilman Karate Academy, Inc.) has received its subpoena and has complied with the records request. More information on this issue as it developes.


Hanshi Heilman is pleased to announce that we are planning on hoisting Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder to conduct another training workshop (session #4). The training is tentatively scheduled for late May or early June. This section and the "events listing" will be updated as soon as the specific date is set. Remember, for individuals to receive certification under this program, they must be members of the IKKF, as either an Individual or Associate Member status.

* * * * Hope everyone enjoys this new addition to our IKKF Web Page. Its just another attempt to make this page as useful and informative as possible for our members. Take care and have a great 2nd quarter of the new year!!

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