1st Quarter, 1999

In this section we include information from the organizations official newsletter - the IKKF Bulletin, plus additional news items. Hope you enjoy it.


CANTON, OH. - After coming off a 1st Place win at the 1998 USKA Worlds Championships, IKKF President C. Bruce Heilman decided to give competition another try at the recent PKC(Professional Karate Commission) GRAND NATIONALS. The multi-day event was hoisted by PKC Director, Hanshi Glenn Keeney. A number of USKA members were present at this event.

Mr. Heilman competed and placed 1st in Executive Black Belt Weapons and then went on to win the KATA GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. Not a bad run for an "old man with a bo".

Other USKA membes also did well at the event with Mr. Buster Cotton, a fellow USKA Hall of Fame member, winning the SPARRING GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. All in all it was a good day for the USKA members and Mr. Keeney's evening party was fantastic!!


READING, PA. - We are pleased to announce that another session for our IKKF Women's Self-Defense Instructor Training is scheduled for February 6, 1999. The IKKF's WSDIT Program is designed to provide training and guidance for our Dojo Head Instructors and their Assistants in order to prepare them to better meet the needs of the self-defense student. The WSDIT Program is taught by Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder and Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman. Kyoshi Snyder is recognized as one of the leading Self-Defense Trainers in the nation and a Pioneer for women in the martial arts.

The WSDIT session will be held at the IKKF Honbu, February 6, 1999. The focus of the training will be Session #4. This is the final prerequisite for consideration for a WSDIT Teachers Certification, which we expect to conduct testing/review for at the next Annual Training in July in Reading.

For more information contact the IKKF Honbu.


As we start another new year, its again time for 1999 RENEWALS for Individuals and Dojos.

Renewal forms have been sent out to IKKF Dojos and Organizations for their use. The fees for renewals remain unchanged from last year. Individuals and Dojo Heads can also now download the necessary application forms from theinternet off of our IKKF Web Page.

We appreciate your continued support as an active member of the IKKF family.


Since the establishment of the IKKF and its expansion internationally, it has become clear that a need exists to better coordinate international activities. This point also ties in with the situation that a number of countries require a single point of national contact for each organization recognized to operate within that country.

Thus, starting with the new year, the Administrative Structure for the IKKF will be expanded to provide for the establishment of the position of a "National Representative" for specific countries. The role of this position will be to have one point of focus for coordinating IKKF activities in a particular country as an extension of Official IKKF Honbu Policy.

In the past we have resisted this organizational approach due to the major focus of the IKKF toward the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system. However, the opening of the IKKF's Kobudo Program to non-Okinawa Kenpo stylists internationally, has created a situation where many of our Kobudo Division members would prefer the IKKF to expand its focus to other traditional Karate styles under the IKKF structure.


With the close of 1998, it is again time to take a few moments of time to reflect on the events of this last year.

Probably the most significant thing that comes to mind about 1997, was that is seemed to be a year of the "passing of the Masters". During this year we have seen a number of senior masters pass away. They included: Hanshi SHINPO MATAYOSHI (Kobudo, Okinawa), Hanshi SHOSHIN NAGAMINE (Shorin-ryu, Okinawa), Shihan OSAMU OZAWA (Shotokan, USA), Shihan NICK CERIO (American Kenpo, USA), Hanshi DON BOHAN (Isshinryu, USA), Hanshi NICK LONG (Isshinryu, USA), Hanshi SEIKICHI TOGUCHI (Goju-ryu, Okinawa), and Shihan BERNIE WEISS (Shotokan, USA). All of these leaders and pioneers will be missed.

With respect to the IKKF, it was a busy year. Our quarterly seminars had expanded in both course material and participation. During the past year, we were able to offer as Seminar Guest Instructors such noted individuals as: Hanshi Nick Adler (Isshinryu), Hanshi George Alexander (Shorin-ryu), Kyoshi Chuck Merriman (Goju-ryu), Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder (Shorin-ryu), Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy (Koryu, Australia) Shihan Miguel Ibarra (Aikijujitsu), Mr. Forest Morgan (Author & Martial Artist), Kyoshi Jody Paul (Seidokan), Sensei Jose Cruz (Shotokan), & Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro (Isshinryu).

1998 also saw the addition of a new member to the IKKF Executive Board - Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy, Director of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society, Australia. Additionally, Mr. and Mrs. Heilman were appointed as Technical Advisors to the IKRS.

The early part of the year saw a number of IKKF Yudansha praticipating in the America Cup Championships in Philadelphia which was telecast on ComCast's Sport Net IKKF members also did quite well on the tournament scene as well during the year with Renshi's Baer and Rupert named 1998 Pennsylvania State Champions (their 2nd year in a row for this honor), Hanshi Heilman winning a world and national weapons championship at the USKA Worlds (New Orleans, LA) and the PKC Grand Nationals (Canton, OH) respectively.

Travel also made up a big part of the years activities with the Heilman's traveling around the States. Stops included California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Ohio, New Mexico, and Louisana. Also 1998 marked Mr. Heilman's first visit to Puerto Rico to conduct Seminars.

On a sad note, we note the passing of "Nakamura the Cat", the spirit of the HKA Dojo. He was a one-of-a-kind cat and truly a special part of the IKKF Family.

Administratively, the last year saw some changes with a new patch introduced for the Renshi-Kai members, and the announcement of the formal adoption of a unique "kan" for the version of Okinawa Kenpo taught under the IKKF Program - "Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Koryu Kan". The establishment of our own "kan" was necessary to distinguish our program from the other "Okinawa Kenpo" programs out there.

This last year also saw Mr. Heilman's previous instructor, Master Odo rename his version of Okinawa Kenpo to "Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu", dissolve the OKKKF, and the establishmentt of the "Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Federation" (RKKF) to take its place, only to undergo another restructuring and change of officers during the summer.

The highly successful IKKF Web Page was also a hot item during this last year. First, our internet presence was enhanced with the establishment of our own "domain name" making our new URL - "www.ikkf.org". Also during the last quarter of the year, the web page was restructured and expanded, with even more improvements planned for the future. To date the IKKF Web Page has drawn over 24,000 visits.

The year 1998 was also a special year for a number of IKKF members who received high dan promotions. These individuals included: Dan Rupert and Steve Baer - both receiving 5th Dans in Okinawa Kenpo Karate & Kobudo, Frank Caliguri - 8th Dan in Shorin-ryu, Nancy Caliguri - 5th Dan in Shorin-ryu, George Alexander - 9th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and 9th Dan Shorin-ryu, Jody Paul - 8th Dan in Shorininju-ryu Karate, and Keith Macy - 6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do. Congratulations to these IKKF members on their advancements.

All in all 1998 was another great year for the IKKF and with continued support of our members, it looks like 1999 will be just a great! Both Mr. and Mrs. Heilman wish to thank all of our members for their belief in our program, and they pledge ..."to strive to do everything we can to make the IKKF the most professional, ethical and responsive organization possible while still maintaining our strong training focus".


A recent post on the CyberDojo announced that the UNITED STATES KARATE ASSOCIATION of the late Hanshi ROBERT TRIAS, was to be dissolved effective year end 1998. The announcement in the CyberDojo Digest was made by a student of one of the Associations Regional Directors, Mr. Richard Smith, based upon a letter he received from the current head of the USKA - Ms. ROBERTA TRIAS-KELLY, 9th Dan.

It is with regret that we publish this announcement, and we wish the best for Hanshi Trias-Kelly and the other Association members.

The late Robert Trias opened one of the first commercial dojos in the States and he founded the USKA in 1948. Since its founding, the USKA had grown to be a very large international organization until his death in 1989. Similar to what sometimes happens with major organizations when a strong leader passes away, the membership of the USKA broke into a couple of separate organizations. Ms. Roberta Trias-Kelly continued on with the Association renaming it the United States Karate Association, Inc., while Mr. Johnny Pachivas established the United States Karate Association, International, and Messrs. James Hawkes and David Jordan founded the United States Karate Alliance. Two other organizations also had their roots coming out of the old USKA, that being Mr. Philip Koeppel's United States Karate-Do Kai (USKK), and Mr. Robert Bowles' International Shuri-ryu Karate Association.

Thus, although the original USKA organization of Master Robert Trias may no longer exist - the legacy of Master Trias lives on through the second generation organizations that came out of the old USKA.



It is with sadness that we announce the passing of two martial arts leaders, Hanshi SEIKICHI TOGUCHI, and Shihan BERNIE WEISS.

o SEIKICHI TOGUCHI, Hanshi, 10th Dan, was one of Chojun Miyagi's senior students and founder of the Shoreikan Goju-Ryu system, passed away after an extended illness. Toguchi Sensei was a well respected practitioner of Okinawan Goju who the Heilman's had the opportunity to personally meet during one of their trips to Okinawa. He will be sorely missed.

o BERNIE WEISS, Shihan, 8th Dan, a Shotokan stylist and Co-Founder of the International Society Of Okinawan / Japanese Karate-Do (ISOK). Dr. Weiss began his martial arts training in 1955 in Australia, then later moving to the States (California). Mr. Weiss was a police officer, a professor of Psychology, a noted author, and a member of the CyberDojo. He was regarded as an excellent teacher and a mentor to many - he too will be sorely missed. He died of a heart attack.


o WALTER DALEY - A senior Seibukan practitioner and principle in both KEMCO and MAAI PRODUCTIONS is recovering from a heart attack. He is back home again. Our best wishes go to him for a full recovery.


In the last issue of the IKKF BULLETIN we announced a major revision to the IKKF Web Page. The revision expanded the web presence and divided the page into four sub sections:

1) the IKKF Web Page,
2) the HKA Web Page,
3) the On-line Store, and
4) News, Events and Photos.

The purpose of the revision was to make the page more user friendly to our users - and it has worked!! This major revision has received extremely positive feedback during the last quarter.

Not to rest on our laurels, Hanshi Heilman's plans to expand the IKKF Page even more in the future. Some of the additions to be put into operation during the new year include:

1) a "Virtual Dojo" (training tips, etc. updated frequently),
2) a "IKKF Members Discussion Board" (for exchange of ideas and discussion of relevant topics of general interest),
3) a "Chat Room" (future addition for active IKKF members only).

We hope that our members continue to enjoy the IKKF Web Page. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our presence on the net, please feel free to contact the IKKF Honbu. Also any IKKF members who are on the net and have an email address or their own Web Page, please forward the information to the Honbu for inclusion in our updated Links Section.


Just a reminder to all IKKF Dojo Heads that if they have any members that they wish to have reviewed for Yudansha Promotions, they need to submit their name, martial arts resume, and letter of recommendation to IKKF Honbu asap to have the individual included in the promotional review.

The YUDANSHA TESTING will be held on Saturday evening at the HKA Dojo. A usual, the review board will be comprised of members of the IKKF Renshi-Kai. Good luck to those members who plan to test, and be prepared for anything!!


Special CONGRATULATIONS are offered to the following IKKF Members or friends on their recent accomplishments.


o Baer Martial Arts Center - Renshi Steve Baer recently moved his school to a new location. The BMAC is still located in the Trexlertown. Pa. area, but now is located in its own building with two floors.

o Okinawa Kenpo Karate Academy - Renshi Brian DeGori also recently relocated his dojo to a new larger location in Pitman. New Jersey.


o Roy J. Hobbs - A friend of the Heilman's, Mr. Hobbs recently received a promotion to Hanshi, 9th Dan in Shorin-ryu Karate & Kobudo. The promotion was made by Seiki Toma, Hanshi, 10th Dan, Chief Instructor of the Shorin-ryu Seidokan Kyokai. Seiki Toma is famous for having been a direct student of Chotoku Kyan. He was also one of Hanshi Seikichi Odo's instructors. Hanshi Hobbs is currently stationed in Japan.

o Keith M. Macy - An IKKF Kobudo Division member, Mr. Macy recently received a promotion to 6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do. The promotion was made by the Central Texas Taekwondo Council.


o Keith M. Macy - Has been appointed IKKF Style / Organization Head - Tae Kwon Do for the Myung Moon Moodo Ryu Association. Mr. Macy was also honored last year by being inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


We are pleased to announce the appointment of two additional individuals to the IKKF EXECUTIVE BOARD. IKKF Executive Board members act as an advisory group to IKKF President Hanshi Heilman.

o Roy J. Hobbs - Hanshi, 9th Dan, Dentokan Martial Arts, Japan

o Jody Paul - Kyoshi, 8th Dan, International Seidokan Motobu-Ryu Rengokai, USA

We are honored to have these two additional individuals as members of our IKKF Executive Board. This latest addition provides the IKKF with access to one of the strongest Advisory Group Resource available to any traditional martial arts organization - 7 Hanshi's and 8 Kyoshi's, representing 12 international organizations.


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Shihan EBERHARD WELCH sponsored the 11th ANNUAL ALL OKINAWAN / JAPANESE TRADITIONAL TOURNAMENT & SEMINARS. The tournament was a "white gi" event and was held on November 7th, 1998.

The traditional tournament went well and had a number of quality competitors - a truly nice event. But the best fun was the evening get together and the next days Seminars. Seminar Instructors included Kyoshi Bill Hayes (shorin-ryu), Kyoshi Kimo Wall (goju-ryu & matayoshi lineage kobudo), Kyoshi Eddie Bethea (shorin-ryu), Kyoshi Jody Paul (seidokan and tuite), and Hanshi & Kyoshi Heilman (okinawa Kenpo & odo lineage kobudo). It truly was a fantastic training opportunity with a wealth of knowledge dispersed. Mr. Heilman noted that ..."I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and to 'play weapons' with Sensei Wall, who is a superb weapons practitioner. It was fun going one for one with various weapons with Wall Sensei (we were like two little kids in a toy store who were permitted to play with all the toys!!)".

Also have to mention the other great martial artists who attended Saturdays tournament, they included: Kyoshi Robert Everhart, Renshi John Carria, Kyoshi Karl Hovey, Shihan Pat Byrnes, Kyoshi Larry Isaac, Kyoshi Noel Smith, Renshi Cleve Baxter, Kyoshi Jim Thompson, to name a few. While traditional martial arts programs may not be doing too well commercially these days, if this weekend was any indication, the arts are getting even stronger and the level of cooperation and mutual support is growing - the future is bright for the perpuation of the old ways.


ALLENTOWN, PA. - On October 30th, Mr. C. Bruce Heilman and Robert Nenow were inducted into the PENNSYLVANIA KARATE HALL OF FAME. The Pennsylvania Karate Hall of Fame is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania and dedicated to the preservation of the history of the martial arts in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Heilman has been involved in the arts for 37 years and is Co-Founder and President of the IKKF. Mr. Nenow has been active in the arts for 38 years and is President of Dynasty Karate International. He is also a practitioner of Okinawan Kobudo under the IKKF Program. Congratulations to both Mr. Heilman and Mr. Nenow!!


READING, PA. - The 1998 IKKF WINTER CAMP is scheduled for January 23-24th, 1999. The Annual event has been moved back from December to better work within members schedules.

The IKKF WINTER CAMP will include sessions in Karate and Kobudo. Both Beginner and Advanced sessions will be offered. The Camp is to be held at The Cloisters at St. Joseph's in Reading. Plan now to attend this excellent training opportunity. A Yudansha Testing will also be held.


PITTSBURGH, PA. - Two IKKF Renshi-Kai members recently received recognition as PENNSYLVANIA STATE CHAMPIONS FOR 1998. Renshi DAN RUPERT was named 1st Place in the State for Masters Weapons and Renshi STEVE BAER was named 1st Place in Masters Kata.

The rankings are compiled by the PENNSYLVANIA KARATE RATING ASSOCIATION, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa headed by Kyoshi Frank Caliguri. Congratulations to Messrs. Rupert & Bear!!


ALBUQUERQUE, NM. - USKA Director Hanshi JAMES HAWKES, recently announced that the 1999 USKA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT AND ANNUAL SEMINARS will be moved from California back to New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM is the headquarters for the Alliance. The Heilman's will again be Guest Instructors teaching Okinawan Kobudo at the Annual Seminars.

As normal, it is expected that a IKKF/ USKA Kobudo Testing will be scheduled as part of the event. USKA members interested in going up for Certification Review should contact USKA Headquarters for mor information.

The event is scheduled for March 26-28, 1999.

* * * * Hope everyone enjoys this new addition to our IKKF Web Page. Its just another attempt to make this page as useful and informative as possible for our members. Take care and have a great New Year!!

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